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Product Name: YoCrunch Pie Parfaits

Product Information: Pie lovers rejoice! YoCrunch, the original yogurt packaged with fun, mix-in toppings, launches a new Pie Parfait line that has what no other yogurt offers: crumbly, crunchy pie crust toppings to mix in for a delicious, homemade taste.

New Apple, Cherry and Triple Berry Pie Parfaits are convenient, portable and better-for-you dessert alternatives or tasty snack options for adults and kids. Made with fat-free vanilla yogurt and real fruit, each 4-ounce cup has just 120 calories, including the toppings, and offers protein and calcium.

The new YoCrunch Apple Pie Parfait features pieces of real apple and a one of a kind Cinna-Crunch™ crust topping for an authentic, all-American apple pie taste. Crunchy, delicious Crumble Crust™ perfectly balances the sweet, tart berries of the Cherry Pie Parfait and Triple Berry Pie Parfait, made with whole blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

“Yogurt based desserts are growing trend going into 2012, but pie without the crust just isn’t pie,” said YoCrunch Senior Vice President of Marketing Ralph Tschantz. “Our new Apple, Cherry and Triple Berry Pie Parfaits are the first yogurt cups to offer real homemade pie taste complete with the satisfying crunch of crumbly crust.”

Industry experts have called 2011 “The Year of the Pie” and say consumers in 2012 will continue their renewed interest in the beloved dessert in a variety of forms, ranging from pie-blended milkshakes to mini pies to the new YoCrunch Pie Parfait. A recent study by Kelton Research shows that apple, cherry and berry are among America’s top 10 favorite pie flavors.

Product Price: Suggested retail price for a four-pack of 4-ounce YoCrunch Pie Parfaits is $3.19 to $3.89.

My Thoughts:  Yogurt is a favorite in our house and a regular item in our fridge.  We’ve had many of the YoCrunch varieties but this was the first time we tried the Pie Parfaits and we loved them.   The apple pie truly tasted like I was having an apple pie.  I was tempted to mix in some vanilla ice cream!  It was my favorite of the three though I loved them all.  I would be these again over and over.

The crunchy topping really makes these yogurts more enjoyable and FUN for my kids.  They don’t normally like yogurt with fruit chunks in it, but these they loved and I really think it was because of the addition of the crunchy toppings.

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