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I would like to help my readers get a better grip on their finances in 2010.  My plan is to help find the best deals around, help you earn some extra money and either get yourself out of debt or help you from getting into debt.  I will be featuring a series of posts called “2010: A Fresh Start, Financially”.  I hope that you enjoy this series and it helps you to keep money in your pocket!

Money can be an issue in every relationship and it can end so many of them. I learned at a young age how easily you can get yourself in debt and eventually learned my lesson and now I hope for something better for my kids. I will make sure I give them lots of information to help them make better financial decisions than I made when I was younger.

Lou Scatigna has over 30 years experience on the radio and in private practice as The Financial Physician. He is able to identify your financial ailment, provides a diagnosis, treatment, and Rx. Check out his diagnosis and treatment for couples, below.

The Financial Physician’s Diagnosis
Most couples don’t talk about money unless the roof is falling in. They live from day to day without concrete financial plans. Existing plans tend to be general and don’t include specific steps. Poor decisions or leaving a partner out can seriously hurt the family finances.

The Financial Physician’s Treatment
It’s vital to be on the same financial page with our spouse.

  1. Discuss finances, set goals, plan and work together to reach them. Motivate each other.
  2. Never assume that your partner shares your goals or that you know what he or she wants. People change and so do their needs and objectives.
  3. Pay bills together. Sit together when there are no distractions. Discuss and pay your bills. Think of ways to cut costs and make bills and expenses more manageable. This will add understanding to the financial partnership.
  4. Accountability. When we act alone, it is easy to go astray and accept our own excuses. When spouses and partners work as teams they are less likely to deviate from the plan and goals and more likely to pick up the slack and motivate as needed.

The Financial Physician’s Rx
We want our families to be happy and do well. It’s imperative that the family shares a basic understanding of the financial situation, so we can all lead comfortable and healthy lives without major mistakes.

Talking with your partner is the answer. Have frequent, open conversations about the finances. Be willing to listen and take suggestions. Work together to pay all of the bills, to review statements, and to build wealth. Speak with any advisors together. Become a team that is dedicated to working together to build wealth.

The information above was provided by Lou Scatigna, The Financial Physician.