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Holiday Gift Guide

Today day 2 of awesome gifts and giveaways for the Season of Sharing 2015! Once again, I have teamed up with 4 other bloggers to bring you an amazing 2015 Holiday Gift Guide this year –  She Saved, Nicoles Nickels, Deal Seeking Mom and Southern Savers.

Season of Sharing 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway {Day 2 – Gifts for Young Children}

Today’s post is all about gifts for young children.

One (1) lucky winner will win all of the items featured in this post!

 HGG 15 Ask Amy Doll Product Name: Ask Amy Doll
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $120.00

A doll that talks and answers questions! We’ve gotten used to the amazement of people’s faces when they first see Ask Amy. Her lips move so naturally as she speaks, and she turns her head and blinks her eyes just like a real little girl! Ask Amy was created with the idea that a completely lovable doll could be equally engaging and educational. While technology keeps adding options to children’s play with leaps and bounds, the wholesomeness of old-fashioned toys often gets lost in the mix.

HGG 15 Anna-Elsa-Humidifer Product Name: Emson Disney Humidifiers Star Wars and Frozen Characters
Purchase Information: Online at
Amazon and all major retailers including walmart, target, kohls, bestbuy, among others.
Product Price: Various prices based on size. Ranging from $39.99 to $59.99 and to $99.9

Various sizes of the Disney Star Wars and Frozen Humidifiers. The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers adds moisture to any room! It fights mold and mildew and features anti-microbial technology, on/off dial (min/max settings) and a mist nozzle. Different sizes and prices.

HGG 15 Geomag Color 86 piece set Product Name: Geomag Color 86 piece
Purchase Information: and Specialty Retailer
Product Price: $59.99

The brightest colours take shape thanks to the Geomag Color line, while the new, super-coloured panels mean you can let your imagination run wild with even more stable structures. Imagine anything you like and Geomag Color will do the rest.

HGG 15 Marta SeeKai Run Product Name: See Kai Run Children’s Footwear
New Styles for Holiday Special Occasions!
Purchase Information:
Available at quality, online and brick and motor footwear stores. Also available at
Product Price: $50.00 – $62.00

See Kai Run is the premier provider of innovative, fashionable, quality-crafted footwear, designed specifically to promote healthy foot development in children, from the crib to 8 years old.

HGG 15 Go! Go! Busy Sounds Discovery Home Product Name: VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home
Purchase Information: At and all major retailers.
Product Price: $44.99

Explore the Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home with Miss Norah! The interactive house features seven MagicPoint locations that encourage imaginative play and emphasize cause and effect relationships. Simply place Miss Norah on one of the MagicPoint locations to experience her friendly personality, motion, lights and more. Put Miss Norah in the elevator and watch as the elevator magically moves up and down. Activate the MagicChat feature in the playroom, and hear Miss Norah and other MagicPoint™ characters (sold separately) chat and sing with each other. Miss Norah also responds to other MagicPoint locations on Go! Go! Smart Friends accessories and playsets (each sold separately). Press Miss Norah’s light-up button, and she will come to life by introducing herself, sharing the things she likes to do and singing two sing-along songs. It’s playtime where friendship leads to learning!

 HGG 15 Corolle Bebe Calin Ballerina Product Name: Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina
Purchase Information: Amazon
Product Price: $42.00

Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina is the ideal first baby doll for the littlest mommies. Its soft beanbag body invites cuddling and can be posed like a real baby for creative pretend play. Designed in France and part of the Mon Premier Collection for ages 18 months and up, this 12-inch baby doll is just the right size to cradle in a young child’s arms. It has soft-to-the-touch, vanilla-scented vinyl skin and open-and-close eyes. Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina wears an all-in-one-piece ballerina fashion that’s easy to put on and take off. She is recital-ready in leotard, tutu, tights and pink slippers with ribbon laces.

 HGG 15 Hasbro-Family-Fun Product Name: Hasbro Family Fun Pack
Purchase Information: At retailers nationwide or online at outlets including
Product Price: $19.99 – $39.9

Hasbro Family Fun Pack brings families together with a collection of four favorite Hasbro board games that have been adapted into interactive video games. The compilation pack offers something for the entire family with Monopoly+, Trivial Pursuit Live!, RISK and Scrabble. Each game can be played by up with four players, with up to six players in Monopoly+, providing countless hours of family fun and enriching experiences.

 HGG 15 No Small Victories Product Name: The No Small Victories Children’s Book Series
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $39.00

This complete series offers four titles and an accompanying discussion guide. This book series, though in children’s book format, is a great educational tool to promote education of autism in efforts to facility earlier detection, diagnosis and advocacy for early interceptive services. It is also a great tool for promoting understanding of autism for typical peers, educators, social service professionals, extended family and the community at large to better support those diagnosed on the autism spectrum through understanding.

HGG 15 American Plastic Toys Cozy Comforts Kitchen Product Name:  Cozy Comforts Kitchen
Purchase Information:  Walmart
Product Price: $35.00

This ultra modern kitchen features the latest in realistic kitchen design including: single-cup coffee machine, smartphone, raised “gas” burner that makes a boiling water sound when pots and pans are placed on it, microwave, refrigerator, oven, toaster, recycling and play bins. Multiple working doors give it a realistic feel. Efficiently engineered, the Cozy Comforts Kitchen has eliminated all screws and replaced them with snaps and press fits for easy assembly.

 HGG 15 Musical Celebration Castle Product Name: PLAYSKOOL Friends MY LITTLE PONY MUSICAL CELEBRATION CASTLE
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $29.99

Magical, musical adventures await inside the PLAYSKOOL FRIENDS MY LITTLE PONY MUSICAL CELEBRATION CASTLE playset! Place PINKIE PIE and STARSONG figures inside the castle, then push the tower down to spin the dance floor and see the friends twirling to ponyrific party music. Little ones can take their pony figures for a ride on the elevator, or send them down the slide.

HGG 15 Original Christmas Classics Product Name: Original Christmas Classics Gift Set Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $29.93

Share the wonder and the joy of these seven timeless stories with your children and grandchildren…creating new memories and holiday traditions that you will cherish through the years.

 HGG 15 Tiggly Words Product Name: Tiggly Words
Purchase Information:, Amazon and ToysRus
Product Price: $29.95

Tiggly Words Learning System is designed for children 4-8 years old. The System includes Tiggly Words toys that work with three playful apps to turn tablet time into an interactive, tangible learning experience – a learning experience that engages children in creative play, encourages them to explore language patterns and sounds, and helps them learn about vowel sounds, word building, and phonics. Compatible with leading tablets, the Tiggly Words Learning System includes a set of five colorful smart vowels that interact with 3 incredibly engaging games: Tiggly Submarine, Tiggly Doctor, and Tiggly Story Maker

HGG 15 Cloud b Stay Asleep Buddies Product Name: Stay Asleep Buddies
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $29.95

Cloud b introduces the cuddly new Stay Asleep Buddies – the Simple Sleep Trainers, developed to help children understand when it’s time to stay in bed and when it’s okay to wake up especially on that holiday morning. The Sleep Buddies feature a cuddly interactive plush Hedgehog that engages children while delivering gentle melodies and glowing reminder on bedtime and playtime. Developed in conjunction with the Sleep Lady, Kim West, Stay Asleep Buddies are the perfect solution for early risers giving both parent and children their much-needed rest.

HGG 15 HappyDanceSnoopy Product Name: Happy Dance Snoopy
Purchase Information: Target, Toys R Us, Amazon
Product Price: $24.99

Kids will love to relive the magic of The Peanuts Movie with this adorable plush Happy Dance Snoopy who can give kisses, laugh, howl, belch, and of course, boogie along to the irresistible tune of “Linus and Lucy,” recognized everywhere as the Peanuts theme song!

HGG 15 Baby Alive Play 'N Style Christina Product Name: Baby Alive Play ‘N Style Christina
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $24.99

Style this trendy cutie’s hair in all of the latest fas hions just like the big kids! Comb and style BABY ALIVE PLAY N’ STYLE CHRISTINA doll’s soft, pretty hair into a fun braid or pony tail to show off her pretty pink highlights! Kids will love adding in colorful hair extensions, bows and barrettes to showcase her flair.

 HGG 15 JURASSIC WORLD TYRANNOSAURUS REX Product Name: Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $24.99

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the ultimate dinosaur for preschool JURASSIC WORLD fans to track and capture! Features light-up eyes and a roaring action. Includes a human figure and a capture cuff to track the Tyrannosaurus Rex but watch out – the head-chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex might gobble the human figure up first!

 Print Product Name: Chuck E. Cheese’s visit (guest pass)
Purchase Information: Chuck E. Cheese’s welcomes walk-in visitors. Fundraisers and birthday parties can be booked at
Product Price: Prices vary by package

Come party with Chuck E. Cheese! With this Guest Pass, you and the family can enjoy a large pizza, 4 drinks, 30 tokens, and we’ll also include 5,000 tickets!

HGG-15-Draw-Jammies Product Name: Draw Jammies
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $19.99

Draw Jammies are machine washable so you can design your jammies, wash and start again. Draw Jammies come with 6 different scented markers that bring life to designs and pictures. Includes 3 stencil sheets, 6 scented markers and 3 glow pens to draw stars, colorful rainbows, animals, letters, names and whatever comes to mind

HGG 15 Elf-Bed Product Name: Elf Workshoppe Products
Purchase Information: Online at and Toys R Us
Product Price: $9.99 to $24.99

The Elf WorkShoppe was founded in 2015 with the mission of “Bringing Christmas to Life” with snuggable huggable Elf and magical Christmas accessories. Elf and accessories can be purchased at and all Toys R US stores.

 Showerwow Final Package Product Name: ShowerWow
Purchase Information: Shower Wow is available at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and .
Product Price: $14.95

Shower WOW™ is a great bathroom accessory to brighten anyone’s morning or evening routine. Powered by water pressure Shower WOW™ has a universal fit with a high quality chrome finish to match any décor. It’s quick and easy to install – remove your existing shower head, replace with Shower WOW and turn on the faucet to shower a cascade of colors.

 HGG 15 Transformers Robots In Disguise Product Name: Transformers Robots In Disguise: A New Autobot Mission
Purchase Information: and major mass retailers
Product Price: $14.93

The lure of TRANSFORMRES saga begins a new chapter as BUMBLEBEE and a team of AUTOBOT action heroes embark on a new mission to protect and save Earth from a new faction of DECEPTICONS. Hasbro Studios’ new top-rated animated series TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, which airs on Cartoon Network, is the latest installment of TRANSFORMERS franchise and builds on the lore of both the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Featuring an all-new animation style, this new hit series is filled with exciting, action adventures and great humor for fans of all age.

HGG 15 Winter Vacation Product Name: My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shop: Winter Vacation
Purchase Information: and major mass retailers
Product Price: $14.93

Join your favorite ponies and pets and all of their friends for an amazing collection of six wintery fun adventures! Winter vacation is a magical event, especially if you live in Equestria or are friends with a girl who can talk to animals! The perfect stocking stuffer, Winter Vacation pairs three episodes each of two beloved series—My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop.

HGG 15 BrightTimeBuddies Dog Product Name: Bright Time Buddies
Purchase Information: Bright Time Buddies® are available at Toys R’ Us, Walmart, Kmart, CVS, and Target.
Product Price: $14.99

Bright Time Buddies® is a portable animal night light that ensures a good night’s sleep no matter where you are. With a soft touch on the head, your Bright Time Buddies® rotates between three colors: blue, yellow, and green or children can keep it on the color of his or her choice with an extra tap. This nighttime friend is durable, portable, and soft enough to sleep with like a stuffed animal.

 HGG 15 Pop-Up Shape Sorter Product Name: POP-UP SHAPE SORTER Toy
Purchase Information:
Product Price: $12.99

The POP-UP SHAPE SORTER toy will be a PURRfect new friend for baby! Little ones will love matching and sorting the four recognizable shapes, then storing them inside the friendly kitten base until they’re ready for more fill and spill fun! The shapes also split apart into two separate pieces for added mix ‘n match play. As baby plays, they can explore shapes and colors and practice hand-eye coordination. When it’s time to go, the kitty collapses down flat for easy storage and portability.

 HGG 15 Kidz-Bop-Toothbrush Product Name: KIDZ BOP / Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrushes
Purchase Information: Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, and other major retailers
Product Price: $9.99

Rock out with KIDZ BOP and keep away cavities! These awesome toothbrushes play your favorite KIDZ BOP songs while you brush your teeth.

HGG 15 Grinch Product Name: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Grinchmas Edition
Purchase Information: Amazon
Product Price: $9.99

The live-action adaptation of the holiday classic by Dr. Seuss, newly re-mastered in 2015 for improved HD picture and sound – includes Blu-ray + Digital HD. Starring Jim Carey as the Grinch plus Molly Shannon, Taylor Momsen and Christine Baranski. Directed by Academy Award Winner Ron Howard (Apollo 13).

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