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Beating the Clock? — When Do You Start Using an Anti-Aging Cream?

I’ve been using face cream since I was in my twenties.  I used to be able to use any type of cream as my skin was flawless.  The older I get, the more spots appear on my face so I’ve had to alter my skincare regimen.  I will be 41 next week however,  even though I do have some brown spots, people tell me I look a lot younger than that.  In the past, anti-aging creams were left to women in their 40s and 50s but currently, more and more women in their 20s and 30s are using these products.  And I believe you should!

Society has become obsessed with youth. Even those who are young feel the need to do things to make themselves look even younger. This explains the existence of solutions such as plastic surgery and Botox. If you aren’t sure how to find the best places to get Botox, try doing a Google reach with keywords like Botox in Minneapolis and that should give you a good start.  These may be a little extreme for young people who want to look good, but anti-aging creams can actually be helpful. The question is, when exactly should you start using these creams?

Some people believe that using such products in your twenties is fine, while others believe it’s better to wait until you hit your forties. However, the truth of the matter is that each person ages in a different way based on their genetics and lifestyle. So really, they’re no hard-and-fast rule for when you start to use an anti-aging cream.

If, for instance, you start to spot lines and dark spots when you’re a young twenty-something, you shouldn’t take long to act. It’s all about assessing the different elements’ effects on your skin and acting upon them when necessary. Other than using an anti-aging cream, here are a few other cheap and easy ideas you could try to look younger:

Use Sunscreen

Taking some two minutes or so to apply sunscreen every day can be very beneficial. Apart from protecting your skin from cancerous cells, it prevents sun damage which is known to be a major cause of premature wrinkling.


Dry and lackluster skin is instantly aging, and this is why you need to make use of moisturizers. Most moisturizers are affordable. Once you’ve invested in one, you should use it not just on your face, but on your arms and hands as well.

Trim Your Eyebrows

Trimmed eyebrows can give you an immediate facelift and the good thing is that it doesn’t cost much to get this done. Your brows should always be neat and perfectly defined.

Quit Smoking

Smoking interferes with the body’s collagen production. Due to this, a heavy smoker is likely to age much faster than his non-smoking counterparts. Letting go of this harmful habit can go a long way toward helping you retain youthful skin.

There are many tricks you could use to maintain a younger look, so even as you rush out to get your hands on an anti-aging cream or other beauty product, think too about what some self-help can achieve. After all, thinking positive, smiling plenty, and staying active are all good places to start too.