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4 Things you can Repurpose for a Trendy and Budget-Friendly Summer Closet

I bet you have 4 Things In Your Closet To Repurpose for Budget-Friendly Summer Looks.   In looking at the fashion trends for the Summer of 2020, or any other upcoming time for that matter, one can certainly give the credit card a fine airing by snapping up what’s new and what’s hot. It is, however, possible to look new and hot, using what’s old and cool.


These are all the rage this summer, but if one has a certain skill in the craft department there is absolutely nothing that says the modern woman can’t construct her own slip dress out of – yes – an old slip. Hot glue some glittery fabric around the collar and/or hem, make sure that the slip is only as transparent as one’s moral convictions!


Yes, these are major fashion items this summer. White shirts such as those worn by nurses or waitresses. Take a peek in your closet. For that matter, take a peek in your husband’s closet! That ungodly short-sleeved white shirt he insists on wearing with a suit will make you look absolutely chic. Remove the pocket protector first.


Any color but black is in for this summer. Finally – finally! – that cropped jacket that made you (or your Mom) the hottest thing on the dance floor in the late 80’s has come back into style! If it has the shoulder pads stuffed, do take those out first. Please.


The Annie Hall look is also making a comeback this summer, as it periodically does. If one has recently lost a fair bit of weight, and long as one’s ‘fat pants’ weren’t stretchy polyester with elasticized waistbands (You poor thing. How did you survive that long, dark time?), those trousers can make an encore appearance. Cinch up the belt, or use a necktie or scarf, and let that fabric drape and flow!

Repurposing will bring a trendy and budget-friendly summer closet.