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Packing Tips

5 Packing Tips for a Last-Minute Trip

Today I am sharing with you some packing tips that I’m hoping you’ll find handy.  There is nothing worse than getting to your final destination and finding out you forgot to pack something you really need.  There isn’t always an opportunity to buy everything – unless of course, you have unlimited funds.  But I’m guessing you are like me and you don’t.

I always forget my toothbrush or razor.  You’d think I would have learned by now!  But now I have some packing tips to follow.

Getting packed for a last-minute trip can be even more stressful, and it often means you will end up forgetting something- which can make the trip stressful too! Don’t let this happen to you.   A last-minute trip should be something you enjoy, so don’t let packing for it ruin it before it even starts.  I came up with some packing tips that will hopefully make your next trip, less stressful!

Keep a list

Keep a list on hand of what you should pack for a last-minute trip. If you don’t have one and you need it now, break it down like this:


Write down all the things you need under these categories so you can gather them quickly when you are packing.

Get your items out

Before you put anything in a bag, get all of your items out and gather them in one spot. Check them off your list as you pull them out and then place them in bags once you have all of your items checked off the list. Make sure you don’t use more than three bags, though. This is a last-minute trip and you don’t want to be loaded down with bags.

Keep travel bottles on hand

Always have travel-size bottles on hand. Regulation sizes for airplanes are strict, but you can pick up bottles and travel items at any store. Check the dollar store for the best deal.  If you don’t have them now, make a list and run out to grab them with other items you may need- but get doubles! This way you’ll have some for the next trip.  Plus you can leave them behind once they are empty so lighten the load on the way home.

Don’t have time to buy these toiletry items before you leave? Don’t sweat it! Just buy them when you get to your destination. This will end up saving time in at baggage check and security.

Bring double-duty clothing

Instead of slamming your bag full of different outfits, make sure you pack clothing that can go from day to night without having to change everything.  Like a little black dress or a great pair of jeans.  This saves space and time.

Make duplicates of documents

This is one of those things you want to do ahead of time if you can. Keep duplicates of your documents (ID, Social Security Card, Passport, etc) in a bag to have on hand for a last-minute trip. If you can’t do that right now, place these items where you can always find them and pack them where they are easy to reach. This will help when you are catching last-minute planes and other transportation, or when checking onto hotels.

Don’t let this happen to you

Bonus Tip– Apt research is the key to a successful trip. Therefore, if you’re planning to visit Chicago, ensure listing the best restaurants, facilities like luggage storage chicago, adventure sports, among other things. After all, you don’t want to get into a state of confusion during your last-minute trip.

Now you are ready for any quick trips that may come up.

Do you have any other packing tips?  If so I’d love to hear them.