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5 Ways to Entertain the Kids This Summer Image

5 Ways to Entertain the Kids This Summer

Finding ways to entertain the kids this summer may be challenging. Let’s face it there are only so many activities and outings your budget and sanity can handle! There are times when you just want to relax, but the kids are bored and you need to entertain them.

Before you even get to the point where the kids are complaining about being bored, have a game plan! Below are five ways to entertain the kids this summer and most of them won’t cost you a lot of money either!

Keep Crafts on Hand

Spend a weekend putting together some crafts the kids can easily do. Organize all of the supplies and instructions into one big box. When the kids want something to do, send them to the craft box! They will be able to look through all of the awesome crafts you have planned and pick what looks fun to them. Try to pick crafts that will be entertaining yet not too much work. If you need help finding crafts, check out Pinterest!

Have a Video Game Day

As parents I know we are normally trying to limit the amount of time our children spend on electronics. However, it is summertime and there isn’t anything wrong with letting the kids have a video game day once in a while. Let the kids pull out all of their favorite games and enjoy a day of playing them! Even mom and dad can jump in on the fun. Enjoying a video game day is a great way to bond with your kids over one of their hobbies.   Use this tip on a day when it is too hot to enjoy outdoor activities.

Set up a Water Park

Gather up water toys, blow-up pool, slip in slide, or whatever else you can think of. Set up a complete water park right in your own backyard! This is a very affordable way to keep the kids busy all day. You can get most water toys at your local dollar store or ask friends to bring over what they have.

Enjoy Your City

Make a list of things to do or see in your local city. Have outings planned throughout the summer and enjoy getting to know your city. Make sure to add things to your list you might not normally do. Not only is this a great way to get to know your city but it can be an educational experience as well.

Go Camping In Your Backyard

Go camping in your own backyard! The kids will get a kick out of this and you won’t have to stress over all the packing involved in a real camping trip. Set up a tent, get a good BBQ going, and at night tell some ghost stories! The kids will really love sleeping out in their own backyard.