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It’s time for another 52 Week Money Saving Challenge where you can save $1378 in one year!  I know how hard it can be to save money and I need an actual plan to save.  I also need something that is easy and that will keep me accountable.  Just like with losing weight, if I’m accountable I do so much better.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Worksheet

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Worksheet

If you have problems saving money and really want to save this year, this 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Worksheet keeps you on track for saving  $1378 by the end of the year.  It helps you slowly build up your savings all year by telling you exactly what to put into your savings account each week.

There are 5 columns on the worksheet –

  • Week Number
  • Deposit Amount {suggested}
  • Actual Deposit Amount {in case you want to double up one week or more}
  • Account Balance {which is auto-filled}
  • Actual Balance {you fill it in, in case you are adding more or you are earning interest}

I know thinking about saving money right now may not be easy after the holidays.  But that’s the best part of this savings plan.  You start with just putting $1 in the bank the first week.  Then the second week you put $2 in and the third week you put $3 in and so on until week number 52 where you put $52 in the bank.   It may sound a little tedious at first but it’s easy for anyone to fit into their budget.

Want a bonus?   Open an interest baring savings account and earn interest on your savings.    Or add the money to a current interest baring account you may have.  I know interest rates aren’t high right now but every little bit helps.

Want to save even more? Double up each week.  The only problem with this is that at the end of the year you’ll have to put more aside each week.

Start backwards and save more now and less later!  A friend of mine is doing this for the second year in a row.  She said this year she’s starting backwards so as the holidays approach, she doesn’t have to add as much.  So for week one instead of putting $1 in the account, she’ll put $52.  Then on week two she’ll put $51 instead of $2 and so on.  So in December she’s only adding $4 the first week, $3 the second week, $2 the third week and $1 the final week.    I love that idea!

This worksheet is a PDF file that you can download then print to use —>  52 Week Money Saving Challenge Worksheet

Let me know if you are going to participate and also what you are saving for!

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