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The title of this post probably caught your attention and you may be thinking what the heck is she talking about, right?  Well I wanted to tell you about a contest going on that has Puppies vs. Babies and they are voting on cuteness!

Now you are probably thinking how can you possibly compare the two? Well if you don’t have children, but you do have puppies then you probably treat them as if they were children, because lets face it – they are your children.  I’ve seen people be just as attentive with a dog as other’s are with kids.  So why shouldn’t we give them a chance to shine just like the babies do right?

I don’t have any animals and if I did, I probably wouldn’t treat them as I did my kids so I”m more on the side of the babies and when I look through baby pictures of my girls, they are cuter than any puppy I’ve ever seen, but that’s just my opinion.

You can vote for your favorite in the Puppies vs. Babies online contest  that is going on until November 23rd.  It’s too late to submit any photos but you can find who you think is the cutest.

Are you going to vote?? If so who would you vote for?? Leave me a comment and share your vote with me.  I’d love to see how many vote for a puppy and how many vote for a baby!

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