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Quick and Easy Snacks - Lemon Pie in a Cup

Lemon Pie in a Cup

Summer just started and I know it’s going to go by fast.  It’s the fastest season ever.  It’s amazing how fast the summer goes by.  My girls are teens now, but they are home all the time and always looking to snack.  I’m always on the lookout for simple snack recipes that I can quickly put together any day of the week.  Even though they are girls, they are always hungry!

My kids love cool whip on anything!  And I can’t say I blame them because it’s yummy.  I was trying to think of something I can whip together for them to bring smiles to their faces since we’ve been home and together for so long.  And since they love Cool Whip, I knew I needed to use it.   I remembered one thing they really enjoy in the summer – fresh squeezed Lemonade and decided to make something to get them into the summer mode.

Back To School means Quick and Easy Snacks #AddCoolWhip #shop

I headed to Walmart to pick up some Cool Whip and Jell-O.

Cool Whip at Walmart #shop

Cool Whip SmallCool Whip Small

I easily found the Cool Whip in the freezer section and grabbed a couple of tubs.  I always go for the real stuff because my family deserves the best.


Lemon Pie in a Cup

Then I headed over to the baking aisle to grab some Jell-O.  So many choices so I grabbed a few including the one I needed for this dessert.

What am I making?  I’m making Lemon Pie in a cup!

2014-08-03 11.35.07Lemon-Pie-Cup

These are so simple to whip up so I can make them right up in the morning and they will be ready to snack on by the afternoon!  The kids are always excited when I make something like this!  Lemon pudding is one of their favorites!


First I mixed the Jello-o pudding, which took a minute, and then in 5 minutes, it was ready to use.  I love how easy Jell-O pudding is to make and how it goes from this (above) to this…


….in 5 minutes!

Then I crumbled up some graham crackers for the “pie crust” and grabbed my Cool Whip.  I like to use clear plastic cups for this so the kids can see the layers of yumminess!

I start with graham crackers on the bottom, then put a layer of Cool Whip, then a layer of Lemon Jell-O pudding, then a layer of graham crackers then more Cool Whip on top.  That’s it!


 So if you are looking for delicious kids desserts for the any season, head to Walmart, use this coupon and have fun with Cool Whip and Jell-O.  I bet your kids will think you are an awesome mom for whipping up something like this and you’ll be happy to know that it took you no time at all!