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Bluebird from American Express, A Great Budgeting Tool

Bluebird from American Express, Great for College Students

I recently introduced you to Bluebird from American Express and I’ve been using it and learning about different ways it can be a valuable tool.  I will continue to use my Bluebird account over the next few weeks and documenting my experience here on the blog. I know not everyone has credit cards, which this is not, and something like Bluebird could be a great tool in budgeting by controlling your spending.

You can sign up online, which is FREE and super quick and easy, or purchase a ‘kit’ from Walmart for a $5 fee.   There is no approval process because it’s not a credit card so you don’t need to worry about your credit.  It’s basically a pre-paid card and you can only spend what you put on there.

I discussed last time that I find it a very helpful budgeting tool for those trying to put themselves on a budget or stick to a budget.  But I also think it’s great for college students – you know those kids of yours that are off on their own for the first time trying to figure out how the real world works in terms of spending money!  I was one once and something like Bluebird would be extremely helpful!

Since you can only spend what you put on the Bluebird card you could easily set one up for your college student and then they will have access to money that you want them to have while away at college.  You would do this by setting up a sub account and it’s very simple to do.  Just log into your account and you’ll see a place to ‘add a sub-account’.  You’ll create and account for the other person (this example would be your college student).   They need to be at least 13 years old but if you are doing this for your college student then they will be old enough.

Once you set up the account they will mail you a card in the card holder’s name.  But it will come to you, not the address you put on the account.  Then you can transfer money to the sub-account when needed.  It’s really a great way to give your college student spending money when needed.  And it’s safe!

The sub-account can be handy for so many other people.  If you have a nanny or babysitter that does shopping or runs errands for you, you could set one up for them and then transfer the money in there that you’ll need, if you are doing a home improvement job and you spouse will need money to purchase various items, you could set up a sub-account for that purpose as well.  It’s also great for an elderly person or the care taker of an elderly person.  You could give them a card (set up a sub-account) with money to care for that person.   I’m sure you can come up with a few other things as well.

Just a reminder, you can use your Bluebird account at Walmart and where ever they accept American Express.

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign.  My opinions are my own.