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On the heels of its staggering court victory over the rights to the winning Bratz® brand, MGA Entertainment takes full ownership of its blockbuster franchise with the proud unveil of a full range of new Bratz® products this fall including Bratz® On the Mic™, Masquerade by Bratz™ and Bratz® Designer Streaks™. Featuring fabulous fashions, fun musical instruments and innovative online experiences that enhance girls’ play, Bratz® 2011 is poised to win the battle of the dolls where it counts – in the marketplace.

Product Name: BRATZ® On The Mic™ Doll Pack

Product Information: Bratz® doll comes with microphone and speaker; Microphone includes auto-tune and vocoder filter effects; Includes two unique songs/characters.

Product Price: The approximate retail price is $24.99.

Purchase Information: You can purchase it where toys are sold and online at Amazon.

My Thoughts: My daughters are both into music and they nearly flipped when they saw the Bratz on the Mic doll with a real microphone!  It’s so much fun too because it changes the way your voice sounds with a push of the button and we’ve had lots of fun with that.  Even my husband enjoys ‘singing’ with the girls and the Bratz microphone.    It works really well as does the speaker.

This is a great gift for the holidays and perfect for girls ages 6 and up, which my oldest is and she and her friends really like it.  The Bratz dolls are good, and a bit grown up in a way for a 6-year-old but she has fun playing with them and since I buy her clothes, I know she won’t dress like them! LOL

Product Name: Masquerade By Bratz Doll

Product Information: Discover four new Bratz® characters hidden behind mysterious masks! Girls can create their own mystery masks too with cool stencil-on face makeup. The mask activates the virtual entry into the 3-D Bratz® world online.

Product Price: The approximate retail price is $21.99.

Purchase Information: You can purchase it where toys are sold and online at Amazon.

My Thoughts: Oh Boy – these come with makeup, perfect for a 6-year-old.  I think she liked the makeup more than the doll!  The girls had a blast with the Masquerade by Bratz Doll.  The one we received had a purple mask and that went over awesome considering they both love purple.  So they fought over who would use it first, but eventually they both had a chance.  I just expect they will fight over everything at one point or another.

The mask is cool because you can use it as a stencil and then with the makeup you can stencil on a design.  It’s fun and they had a blast.  The makeup didn’t work as well as it looked in the picture, but we enjoyed it just as well.  We received Kirana Vampire and I loved her pink hair!  Pretty cool.

These would also make a great holiday or birthday gift for a 6-year-old.   But my 4 years old loved it too, however, they aren’t intended for children under 3 years old.

Disclosure: I received the same prize as the winner for review. My opinions are 100% mine.