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Product Name: Brew Over Ice K-Cups

Product Information: Ready to throw the party of the summer – the tastiest brunch, the best afternoon barbeque or the most fun pool party? While hosting a stellar party might not be everyone’s strong suit, entertaining has never been easier this summer!

Borrow a few tips from Thom Filicia, interior designer and TV star. One of House Beautiful’s Top 100 Designers and host and driving force behind the highly acclaimed Style Network’s Tacky House and Dress My Nest, Thom has partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs this summer to give you the coolest tips to help you flawlessly throw the perfect summer party!

Thom Filicia’s Coolest At-Home Summer Entertaining Tips!

  • Bring the Indoors Outdoors-  Add color, texture and pattern to your outdoor space and roll out some beautiful, colorful cotton rugs or place some big comfy floor pillows around for casual and comfortable seating.
  • Great, functional Trays – One of my favorite summer dining tips is to use the tray as a placemat so that you can easily carry food and drinks in and out.
  • Iced Beverages – Iced coffee is a staple for many people during the summer months. Stand out with your very own specially blended iced tea or iced coffee! With Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs for the Keurig® Brewer brewing iced coffee and iced tea at home has never been easier. Try my favorite, Celestial Seasoning’s Half and Half (Black Tea and Lemonade) or Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket Blend® iced coffee. This is a quick and refreshingly delicious way to let your guests know you care about what they want! You can even use one of your trays to serve your delicious Brew Over Ice with a scoop of your favorite ice cream in a tall pint glass with a long spoon to mix it all together. YUM!
  • Creative Use of Candles – Use a multitude of votives and stylish hurricanes and lanterns to provide sexy layers and atmosphere once the sun goes down.
  • Great Music List – Nothing gets a party started like a great play-list! Try if you’re feeling a bit lazy and want the internet God’s to put together a “Swinging to the 60’s” or “Rock around the clock” playlist for your gathering.
  • Easy, Cloth Napkins – Rather than using run-of-the-mill paper napkins, provide your guests with inexpensive and stylish bar towels that look casual and fun un-ironed in a simple napkin ring.
  • Outdoor fireplace/fire pit – An outdoor fireplace can be a wonderful addition to any summer night. They’re easy to find and can help extend your party outside from daytime to night – Plus, who doesn’t love a good marshmallow roast!

Brew Over Ice K-Cup Varieties

Green Mountain Coffee® Iced Coffees:
Nantucket Blend® Iced Coffee
French Vanilla Iced Coffee

Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Teas:
Half and Half (Black Tea and Lemonade)
Southern Sweet Tea
Sweet Berry Lime Green Tea
Sweet Lemon Black Tea
Sweet Peach Black Tea
Sweet Raspberry Black Tea
Sweet Tropical Breeze White Tea
Unsweetened Black Tea

I’ve really been enjoying ice tea from my Keurig brewer this summer but I hadn’t made any ice coffee until I received a sampling of Brew Over Ice K-Cups for my review.   I would of just used the regular coffee k-cups because I had no idea they had special k-cups just for ice coffee.  But then when I thought about it I realized they probably make the coffee stronger so when you put it over ice and some of the ice melts you don’t have weak coffee.  Then it made total sense.

The first one I tried was the French Vanilla Iced Coffee because it’s the only ice coffee flavor I will use.  It was perfectly brewed and full of flavor.  Just the way I like it.  Since I received these for review, I’m purchased more if it, that’s how much I loved it.

To make ice coffee or ice tea in your Keurig brewer all you need to do is grab an insulated cup (or any cup really) and fill it to the top with ice.  Then put your k-cup into the brewer and select the size you want.  Then let it drip right onto the ice.  I like to put the sugar in on top of the ice so when the hot coffee falls down, it helps it dissolve and stirs it all at once.  That’s it!  Now you have fresh brewed iced coffee!

I love having guests over and making them a cup of fresh iced tea or iced coffee!  Perfect for the summertime!

Have you tried any of the Brew Over Ice K-Cups?  If so which is your favorite?

Disclosure: I received a sampler pack of brew over ice k-cups for my review.  My opinions are 100% mine.