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In the next few days you are going to see some changes at  It will no longer be Frugal RI Mama, I will be changing my blog name and taking the Rhode Island out of the name.  I don’t just talk about RI deals, as a matter of fact I pretty much talk about all National Deals.  Some stores may be regional but they are still covered in more than just RI.

The layout of the blog will also be a little different.  I’m really excited to reveal the new site and as long as things go as planned, Monday night we will do the transfer.

If you have bookmarked it will automatically go to the new site and I also believe it will change your bookmark, but don’t hold me to that.  If you have my blog button on your site, I will be uploading the new picture but the link will still be, and even though it will transfer for now, it won’t forever.  So you might want to grab the new code, which I will give you next week.   So basically nothing is going to change except the name and the url but you’ll just be transferred over, at least for the next year.

As far as the feed, twitter and facebook goes….  We will switch everything over and from what I understand it will just transfer, except for facebook, which I will  probably just keep as is, we’ll see.

Please bare with me while we do the change over, things may not work properly the first day, I’m hoping they will but you never know.  If you have any trouble at all just let me know.