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ShoeOne of my favorite games ever is Monopoly.  I seemed to have passed that along to my girls because even though they are only 8 and 5, they love playing Monopoly too!  When you play a game of Monopoly do you always use the same token? I do – I like the shoe and always have to be the shoe.  Not sure why, I just really like it.  Ask just about anyone and you’ll find most people have a strong opinion when it comes to their token preference. But now the fate of these iconic eight tokens rests in the hands of fans around the world. One token will be retired for good, and a new one will take its place and find Monopoly token fame based on a vote at the Monopoly Facebook Page.

Mr.MONOPOLY-2smallWill the shoe get the boot? Will the wheelbarrow be dumped? Will the top hat be hung up for good? One thing is certain – one of the classic eight tokens is headed to jail. Who will stay and who will go? It’s up to you!

So who is your favorite??


  • Battleship (1935) – The battleship die-cast metal piece was also used in another Parker Brothers game at the time called Conflict. The battleship showcases the importance of ocean travel and security before travel by air became an every day (and affordable) occurrence.
  • Iron (1935) – The flatiron was a necessary piece of household equipment for anyone who wanted to dress to impress. The slim design of the token makes it a favorite of many players who want to keep a low profile on the game board, including reigning MONOPOLY World Champion Bjørn Halvard Knappskog of Norway, who used the token in the title-winning game.
  • Race car (1935) – The car was originally modeled after a 1930s roadster. Designed as the vehicle of choice for Mr. MONOPOLY, the racecar has become the favorite of those who love the rush of adrenaline.
  • Scottie Dog (early 1950s)- The Scottie dog was added to the game in the early 1950s, but quickly won the hearts of MONOPOLY players around the world. As the faithful sidekick of Mr. MONOPOLY, Scottie added a touch of character and whimsy to the token collection.
  • Shoe (1935) – Shoes were made for walking and the shoe token in the game showcases the practical, yet stylish, working shoe of the 1930s. Shoe design has certainly evolved since the shoe debuted in 1935, but the token has remained a favorite of fashion-forward fans for generations.
  • Thimble (1935) – The thimble was a practical and essential household item for everyone in the 1930s that had to sew or mend their own clothing. While today it might seem quaint to use a thimble in daily life, the token has remained a favorite of players around the globe (including the reigning US MONOPOLY Champion).
  • Top Hat (1935) – Perhaps one of the most recognizable images of the game, the top hat is included as both a token and as an essential accessory for Mr. MONOPOLY. Today it may be rare to see a top hat outside of special occasions, however, the top hat was daily couture in the 1930s for any businessman.
  • Wheelbarrow (early 1950s) – Perhaps the token that is most closely tied to empire building, the wheelbarrow represents the hard work of building a house or hotel on those desirable properties around the game board.


In 2013, the MONOPOLY game will be adding a new token, which will be determined by an online vote. One of the following tokens will be added to the game.

  • Cat -It’s impossible to deny the cuddly appeal of cats. Whether they are loved as pets, worshipped as gods or adored on the Internet, cats rule. Will fans make the MONOPOLY game a friendly place for dogs and cats?
  • Diamond Ring – Living the life of a hotel mogul means showing off some gorgeous, eye-popping jewelry. Even though diamonds are the hardest minerals on earth, they are most known for melting hearts. Will the MONOPOLY game be shining bright like a diamond in the future?
  • Guitar – As the Internet has helped to catapult guitar-strumming teenagers and garage bands to international fame, the guitar has become more relevant in the hearts and eyes of MONOPOLY players around the world. Will the guitar have fans singing a new tune about their token choice? (Hopefully it’s not the blues.)
  • Toy Robot – Revered in movies and television, robots capture the imagination and inspire progress in engineering and design…and they even vacuum! This toy robot represents the fascination for the metal giants by even the youngest MONOPOLY players. While robots have not yet succeeded in taking over the world, will the toy robot take over the game board?
  • Helicopter – Inventors were playing around with helicopter designs for years before the futuristic flying machines hit full-scale production in the 1940s. While still not a common form of travel for most, helicopters are a daily necessity for police surveillance and news reporters. Will the helicopter take off in popularity as a token in the MONOPOLY game?



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