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CVS Clears its Shelves of Cigarettes

CVS Clears its Shelves of Cigarettes

On September 3rd CVS announced that they officially ended tobacco sales in all CVS/pharmacy locations, one month earlier than expected, and is launching a smoking cessation program to help people kick the habit, with resources and services available at CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations nationwide.

They also kicked off their One Good Reason movement at Bryant Park in New York City on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.  We all have our reasons for living tobacco free and encouraging others to do so – whether it’s a personal experience or someone we care about who’s been affected by the harmful effects of tobacco usage.

My family has been hit twice with cancer this year – Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer – one in the very early stages and one in a very late stage.  It’s been a hard year for us but we are getting through it.  According to Lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer death in the US in 2013, with Colon Cancer close to being the second.   That’s sad.  And knowing that some Lung Cancers can be caused by smoking, makes this even sadder.

I was so happy when I walked into the store this week and saw them gone.  I do realize that this isn’t going to be easy for everyone, and not everyone will share in my opinion.  But I’m proud of CVS for taking a stand on something they care about but also helping those that aren’t going to have an easy time with their decision.   Another reason I love CVS!

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