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Don’t forget about CVS when you are doing your last minute shopping for your favorite Valentine.   They don’t just have candy and cards, they have a lot of great gift ideas and at GREAT prices!

A representative of CVS sent me a few items to check out for Valentine’s day and I’m happy to say I liked them all!  Here are a few things that you may want to consider for that special person:

  1. Grill DaddyGrill Daddy –  This is really cool.  It’s a grill cleaner for Dad (or mom too) and works with the heat of the grill.  All you do is put some water in and then when the water hits the grill, it turns to steam and it helps get off all the leftover ‘food’ on the grill.   This is a great gift for that man in your life!
    Cost: $14.99
  2. Essense of BeautyEssence of Beauty gift set – This gift sent includes  bath gel, body lotion, Body Mist and Pouf –  It comes in a cute plastic reusable makeup bag and the sizes are perfect for traveling on a plane.  Everything is under 3 oz.  I think this is the perfect set for that special lady in your life!
    Cost: $6.99
  3. Snuggies –  You’ve seen them on TV and lets admit, you laughed just like I did when you first saw it.  But Snuggienow I’m not laughing anymore.  Now that I ‘ve tried it, it really is the perfect idea!  I sometimes get cold while at my computer in the evening, writing posts for the next day.  Well the Snuggie is perfect because it has arms and I can still type on the computer while warming up my entire body!  They come in colors for men and women so they are great for anyone.  I especially thing these are perfect for a grandparent who might be cold all the time!  I know a few like that!
    Cost: $14.99
  4. Sarah PeytonSarah Peyton Wellness Spa Set – What women do you know that doesn’t like to be at a spa!  Well the spa can be right at home now with this set.  You can either cool off the gel inserts  in the freezer or warm them in the microwave, depending on what you need but they are wonderful either way.  Occasionally I get a really bad sinus headache and I know the eye mask would feel great on my eyes when this happens.  I’m just not sure if warm or cold will be better, so I’ll try them both next time it happens.  And the neck wrap is perfect for when your neck is feeling stiff or just plain hurts.  It sits nicely on your shoulders or around you neck.  And the all purpose body pad can be used anywhere, how convenient!
    Cost: $14.99
  5. Assorted chocolates from Ferrero, Lindt, Dove, Whiteman’s Russell Stover, Cold Stone, and more – This is something that everyone loves!!  I received an assortment box of a bunch of chocolates and they were perfect and if that was all I received on Valentine’s Day from my hubby, that would be OK with me.

Be sure to check out CVS this week for affordable gifts for those you love on Valentine’s day, or really for anytime.  The selection is nice and the price is right!  Ha ha I sound like a commercial!