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I was invited to be a part of a secret Santa with TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  They sent me (2) $25.00 Gift Cards to Marshall’s and the name of another blogger that was participating as well.  I was to spend $25 on her and then the other $25 was for me to spend on myself.   Now I want to point out I didn’t get a list of what she likes or doesn’t like and I don’t really know her except for visiting her blog from time to time so I figured this was going to be a challenge.

Guess what? It wasn’t really that hard because Marshall’s has so many great gift ideas that I actually had too much in my carriage and I had to put some back!  I walked up and down the aisles in the back of the store that have all the house ware type products and found so many cool gift ideas.

I grabbed some chocolate.. who doesn’t like chocolate right? And then more chocoalte haha!  A cool recipe book.. all about using chocolate, Some really cool note cards that had one of my favorite scrapbooking color combos – blue and brown,  Some really yummy smelling antibactarial soap and it was in a big bottle, and a few other nice things.   I was very happy with how far the $25 went and I was pleased with what I found.  I thought it was a great assortment of gifts for someone that I didn’t really know.

I then looked around for something for me since I had the other $25 gift card to spend and guess what, I bought something for my husband instead.  It always happens.  But I do still have some money left on the card so I will go back to grab something for me next time, I promise!  But I was happy to find a PS3 game that I know he will like for……. $12.00!!!!  Yes you read that right, it was only $12.00!!!!  There was no way I wasn’t going to get that for him.  I would of been crazy to leave it there. LOL  I hope he does like it…….. shhh don’t tell him, it’s for Christmas.

But my point is that Marshall’s and TJMaxx have lots of GREAT gift ideas for everyone so when your doing your last minute shopping don’t forget to stop by there and I know you’ll find something priced better than anywhere else!

They also have a contest right now where you can win a shopping spree!!  It’s called the “Carol-oke” and you can upload a video of yourself singing a Christmas Carol.  It will help to raise money for Toys for Tots and perhaps fill your closet too!

(TJ Maxx and Marshall’s sent me these gift cards so I could participate in the Secret Santa but they did not require me to blog about it, I wanted to make sure you all knew the bargains that can be found at these stores!)