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My readers are always looking for ways to earn some extra money and I love sharing ways that I know are real. Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn some extra cash and I’ve done it myself. Lots of times you will be paid for doing something or getting a service that you would of done anyways, so why not either get it for free or make money doing it.

This post is written by BestMark.  Maybe this will help you make some extra cash!

BestMark is one of the nation’s largest mystery shopping companies in the world, and our Fortune 500 clients represent some of the most innovative and successful customer-focused organizations.

Our approach is designed to gather feedback from every day customers, like you, to report on your customer service experiences at local businesses in neighboring cities and towns.  Your feedback is then used to isolate behaviors that drive customer satisfaction and help companies close the gap between the promise of great service and its actual delivery.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is used as a tool for companies to gather feedback from every day individuals about their customer experience at establishments in their local cities and towns.  BestMark works with a variety of clients to customize and tailor our mystery shopping programs to match the clients’ overall program objectives and business practices.

Why Mystery Shopping is Great for Everyone

As a BestMark shopper you will have a hand in shaping the customer service provided at establishments you already visit.  In addition, being a mystery shopper has its perks:

  • Flexible Schedule: As a mystery shopper you are able to pick and choose what assignments you would like to perform
  • Make Extra Money: BestMark offers compensation on a per assignments basis.  Checks are processed bi-weekly and sent to your home.
  • It’s Fun: Doing mystery shops is a great activity for anyone who love to shop and take pride in expressing their opinion about their customer service experiences.  It’s the type of hobby that you and your friends can share and enjoy together!
  • No Experience is Necessary: BestMark provides training and tools to be a successful shopper so no prior experience is necessary.
  • Try New Things: Performing mystery shops opens doors to new places and experiences that you may not have otherwise visited.   New shops are updated on a regular basis and are readily available to sign up for in your area.

Perks / Money

As payment for completing a mystery shop you have the opportunity to receive a variety of items for free as well as making additional cash just for completing the online survey.  BestMark offers compensation per assignment in the form of a Cash Payment + Reimbursement.  For example:

  • Evaluate the service at a local luxury cosmetic counter and receive reimbursement for a make-up product of your choice and receive a $10-$15 cash payment for completing the survey.
  • Bring your car in for servicing at a local dealership and receive a reimbursement for getting your oil changed.  In addition, you receive a $20-$40 cash payment for filling out our online survey.
  • Visit a local coffee shop and get a cup of coffee + a cash payment for your feedback.

How to Sign Up?
To become a BestMark mystery shopper, please visit:  There is no obligation or fee to apply.

When Will I Hear Back?
Once the application is submitted it usually takes 36-48 hours to be reviewed.  If approved, the shopper will receive their login information and will be able to search for mystery shopper jobs in their area.  BestMark team members are also available by phone at 1-800-969-8477.

Shopper Requirements:

Must be 19 years of age or older (CAN) and 21years of age (USA)
Must have reliable transportation
Must have good written communication skills
Must be able to focus on details
Must have full internet access (at home or at work)

Featured on / Certifications:
– Oprah Show (mystery shopping industry)
– Tyra Banks Show (mystery shopping industry)
– Essence Magazine (mystery shopping industry)
– Better Business Bureau (A+ rating)
– MSPA Membership
– Women-Owned
This is a sponsored post by BestMark. BestMark was founded in 1986 in Minneapolis, MN. Currently, BestMark is expanding its mystery shopping opportunities in Canada and we are seeking individuals to provide feedback about your experiences visiting local establishments in your area.  We have over 15,000 opportunities available each month in the U.S. and Canada ranging from: restaurants, retail, automotive, casinos and many more!