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A few suggestions before joining any survey sites:

  1. Use a separate email address just for surveys so they are kept all together and they don’t flood your inbox.  Some companies will email you several times a day and others several times a week.  But if they are all together, then you’ll be able to skim through them when you have time.
  2. Make sure once you join, you check your email for a verification email.  Unless you click the link in this email, you won’t receive any updates.  Not every company will send a verification email but some will.
  3. Once you join, they usually have  a screener survey or profiles.  Make sure to fill these out.  This is what they use to match you to surveys as best as they can.

I’ve been taking survey’s for a long time.  If you have some questions, let me know.  I’ll try to help you out.