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So did you all catch Extreme Couponing on TLC the last time it was on??  It was VERY Extreme and not a very good example of everyday couponing.  I think a lot of people expect to be able to save like that every single day but that’s not the reality.  They are starting a series which premieres tomorrow Wednesday, April 6th on TLC.  I’m curious as to how they continue and I really hope it’s not to the extreme of the first show.

What I didn’t like about that show…

  • No one shops like that, seriously.  That’s just crazy and you couldn’t do that every week.
  • They bought WAY more than they needed.   When I talk about stock piling I’m talking about buying enough to cover until it’s on sale again, not enough to feed an army.
  • It’s very hard to get your hands on that many inserts for FREE. So really they are paying to purchase the inserts, or spending a lot of time dumpster diving which is actually not legal everywhere.  So when they say they got all that stuff for FREE, they aren’t counting the cost of the inserts.
  • They aren’t showing you everything!  They didn’t tell you about the catalina’s they were using or getting and rolling into another transaction, they didn’t talk about the coupons they probably had loaded onto their store cards, they didn’t mention how many transactions they had to do, they didn’t show you how some items they may of had overage on (when a coupon exceeds the sale price producing an overage that is then applied towards other items), or that they may of had FREE product coupons, if the store doubled or tripled coupons.. and so much more.  I would of liked to have had ONE person on the entire hour show and have it all broken down, step by step on exactly how they did it so it looks more realistic to everyone.

Those were the biggest points I had against that show.  Am I saying that you can’t really get stuff for FREE with coupons, or reduce your grocery bill significantly using coupons?? No I am not because you can get stuff for FREE when you combine store sales, store incentives, store coupons and manufacturer coupons.  I show you how to do that every weekend when I list the drug store deals.  What I’m saying is that it’s not very realistic to think that you can save 90% every time you shop with coupons.  I think 40% – 60% is a better number that is more realistic.

There is one one thing to be learned from the show and that is that Coupons Can Save you Money.  But don’t expect it the way it was on the first episode.  I’m really hoping that this series will give us a better look at how it’s done.  Because frankly they gave couponers like myself a bad image.

Did you all see it when it aired a couple of months ago?  What did you think? Do you plan on watching it again?  I will and I’ll be back to let you know what I thought.