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FREE 11x14 Photo Canvas

FREE 11×14 Photo Canvas OR $65% off

Get a FREE Canvas and just pay to ship!  This is such a good deal that I wanted to make sure you knew about it in case you have some cute pictures that you need to get printed for your home.

Canvas People is back with their awesome offer for Summer.  Why not get a FREE photo canvas with memories on it? Canvas People want to give you a free 11×14 photo canvas (You just pay the shipping), or a 65% off a larger canvas!  These are really cool and I bought several canvases from them and we LOVE them.

  1. Choose and upload the photo you would like printed
  2. Choose what size. (11×14 is free + shipping/handling)
  3. Chose any “extras” (framing, etc.)
  4. Enter shipping information
  5. Pay the $14.95 shipping/handling (this is still a GREAT deal for one of these)

If you’ve ever priced out a photo canvas before you know that $14.95 (the cost of shipping) is a great price.  Especially if you were to purchase it elsewhere AND have to pay to ship!

These photo canvases make great gifts for Graduation, Anniversary, and Birthday gifts as well.