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Valentine's Day Gifts

It’s February so let’s talk about Valentine’s Day Gifts that won’t break the bank.  Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s the perfect time of the year to tell those around you, just how much you love and appreciate them.  It’s not a day just for lovers, it’s a day for friendship too.   While you may tell your kids, parents, husband/wife, significant others, and friends all the time that you love them, why not do something to show that you do too!

That being said, I think it’s good to stay within your budget when buying Valentine’s Day Gifts.  You may recall the other day I posted Eight Ways to Save in a year – you could blow that entirely just on this holiday if you don’t do it right.   While a dozen roses is a great idea and they look amazing, they are also extremely expensive on Valentine’s Day.  If you really want to get her roses, why not do that out of the blue another time of the year when she won’t expect it, and save yourself a ton of money!

Five Valentine’s Day Gifts {that Won’t Break the Bank}

Here are 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts you could do/make/get for your loved one, friends, and your children as a token of how much they mean to you.

Make Valentine Heart Crayons

If you have little ones, then you have a lot of broken crayons.  This is something fun you can do with them, or not.  It’s up to you.   You can do this one of two ways – use a silicone heart pan or heart-shaped cookie cutters.   Break them all up in small pieces first.

If using a cookie cutter, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Put the cookie cutters on the cookie sheet and then put the broken pieces inside the cookie cutter and bake in the oven at 230 for about 15-20 minutes.  Watch them to see when they are completely melted and have taken on the heart shape.  Let them cool completely for up to an hour, then pop them out.

If you are using a silicone heart pan fill each heart with an assortment of colors of broken crayons and bake at 230 for about 15-20 minutes as well.  Let them cool for about an hour then pop them out.

You can wrap these up in clear plastic bags and tie them with a red/pink/white ribbon or tape them to a cute card and give them to your little ones and their friends.

Baked Goods

Everyone loves baked goods.  You could make the recipient’s favorite dessert whether from scratch or from a box and decorate it with Valentine’s twist of color, shape, or decorations.  Use frosting and food coloring to get it the right color you want.  Use sprinkles to add dimension and if you are very talented, pipe frosting on to make them look fancy and perhaps even store-bought!  But they will be made with love.

Create a Rose from Money or Paper

If you really want to give your loved one a rose for Valentine’s Day, you could make one with 5-7 dollar bills or paper shaped like dollar bills.  You can find a step by step tutorial here.  I think it’s a super cute idea and I bet the recipient would think so too!

Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant Meal at Home

We all have our favorite restaurant meals, so why not save a little bit of money and recreate it at home rather than going out to eat.  A lot of the more popular recipes have already been copycatted and you can find them online.  By cooking your loved one their special meal, and staying home to do it, you can set up a more romantic environment if that is what you are looking for.  That will also show them just how much you care.

LINDOR Chocolate

If you really want to give some chocolate to show how much you love someone on Valentine’s Day,  LINDOR is the perfect one to give!  (And it’s not just because they sent us some chocolates to enjoy)  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Lindt chocolate for a very long time and if you’ve ever had it, you know how it melts in your mouth in an amazing way that just warms my heart (and my belly!).   LINDOR Chocolate is so smooth and the flavors they have are absolutely the best.

Right now in stores, you can find the following LINDOR products that are perfect for your loved one and these are all within your budget.

Valentine's Day Gifts

LINDOR Truffles Milk Chocolate Gift Heart: Give a piece of your heart with the classic LINDOR Truffles Milk Chocolate Gift Heart.  Surprise your Valentine with this elegant and festive heart, filled with smooth Milk Chocolate LINDOR truffles.   These sell for about $9.99.

Valentine's Day Gifts

NEW! LINDOR Truffles Strawberries & Cream Bag: A new twist to the classic LINDOR Truffles bag! A soft white chocolate shell infused with strawberry pieces encloses an irresistibly smooth white truffle filling – an indulgent treat for your special Valentine. Available exclusively at Target locations for about $3.99.

Valentine's Day Gifts

LINDOR Truffles Milk Chocolate Bag : This signature Lindt gift bag is filled with delicious LINDOR Milk Chocolate truffles sure to melt the heart of your Valentine. This sells for about $4.99.

Valentine's Day Gifts

All of these items cost under $10 but they taste so good, they should be priced higher!

I realize that 3 out of 5 of these ideas include some sort of food, but let’s face it, food is part of our day and almost always part of our celebrations!   Now don’t just think about your husband/wife for these ideas,  it could also be for your closest girlfriends.   I know my friends mean a lot to me and if I can find a way to show them how much they do mean to me on Valentine’s Day,  I will!

What will you be doing to celebrate those you love/care for/appreciate for Valentine’s Day this year?

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.