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The Game is OVER – this was fun!! We will do it again soon!!!  Thanks for all that played, hope you enjoyed it!!!


How about a FUN Scavenger Hunt tonight!!  

I hid SIX Amazon gift codes on the website Find one and add it to your amazon account.  The first one to redeem it wins it!  But you want to act FAST because you won’t know if that code has actually been redeemed yet until you try!

Here’s what you do……….

  1. Search the website for codes.  They could be in a post or in the comments section.  You have to look everywhere!
  2. Once you find a code, head on over the and click MY ACCOUNT then enter the code where it says apply a gift card to your account.
  3. If it adds money to your account then that means you found it first.  If it says it’s already been redeemed then someone else beat you to it so go try and find another.

There are 6 codes total..

  • 5 codes are for $2 each
  • 1 code is for $5

Once all codes have been found I’ll update this post and also post on facebook.  Check facebook too because I will put some clues on there to help you find them.

This Flash Giveaway starts RIGHT NOW – so GO!!

Questions?  Leave me a comment on this post.  Good luck!