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Imagine all of this in BLOOM and MORE!

We have a big yard with a lot of landscaping.  Not that we keep it all perfect, but when it blooms it’s pretty overwhelming.  Not only because there is so much stuff but because the pollen is everywhere and anyone with allergies that comes to my house in the Spring has a problem being outside.  Seriously by the time July comes around everything is in full bloom (including those dreaded weeds) and I’m ready to just cut it down.  Not just because there is so much but because of the pollen factor.

You see my youngest suffers from allergies and it’s already begun. The poor thing looks so sad when her allergies are in bloom and this week has been the perfect example of it.  How do I know it’s allergies and not a cold?  Because it’s never as severe as when she has a cold.  It’s milder but still there and irritates the heck out of her and I.  Does that make sense?  She gets a runny nose, watery eyes and a wonderful cough that  keeps her up at night too.  Not so much fun for her or for me.  And it comes and goes, some days it’s worse than others which is  also how I know it’s allergies.

I’ve been saying since she was a baby that she has allergies but her doctor says she’s too young to test when it’s not THAT BAD (guess some kids have it worse, this is bad enough for us!).  But I was very happy when her doctor told me we could try Children’s Claritin a couple of years ago. It’s been a life saver.   It really helps to dry her up and clear up her eyes.  She doesn’t looks as sad when her eyes aren’t watery.  And it also helps with her cough.  It controls the post nasal drip therefore making her cough less and less.  We’ve been happy with the results and will continue to use it each year.

Another great thing about Claritin is it goes on sale at the drug stores quite often and there is almost always a coupon for it, which is HIGH in my book.  I love sales, coupons and products that work!

For those of you with children that suffer from allergies, check out this slide show below. It may be helpful for you and your child.
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