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Many years ago, we lived in a world where the man went to work everyday and the woman stayed home.  He made the money and she cooked dinner, cleaned the house, took care of the kids and then looked pretty and all put together before her husband came home.  My best friend and I both talk about this all the time.  How did the woman want to do all that and still be happy when he came home.  It’s so hard and we wish we knew the secret.

Well one secret I believe was that she had no idea what was going on in their financial world.  Money is a huge worry for most couples.  Will we have enough this week to pay the mortgage?  Is there money for groceries?  How are we going to pay for the kids new clothes?  Can we afford this vacation?  For those couples not asking these questions, it means one of three things.  They have a great handle on their finances, they use their credit cards and don’t care or one of them has no idea of their finances so there are no arguments to be had.

Where do you fit it?

Do you even know about your finances?   There are still a lot of women who don’t know their family finances.  Most of them are of an older generation – in their 60’s or 70’s.  And the reason why they don’t know what goes on in their family finances is because they grew up in the age of the man goes to work and the woman stays home and makes everything look pretty.  And then there are those that just don’t get involved for whatever reason.   It’s never too late to get in the know and I think it’s very important for both the man and the women to know about their finances.

Aren’t sure where to start?  Check the Literacy Guide which was written specifically for women so they can understand it.   The Literacy Guide can help you set a budget,  track your income and your expenses and create a savings plan.   Creating a budget really is the best way to handle your household finances but you both have to be on board or it won’t work.

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