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Halloween Joke Lunch Box Notes

Photo credit Jennifer at My Sweet Sanity

Halloween Lunch Box Notes

What’s more fun right now then some Halloween Lunch Box Notes for the kids.  Even if they aren’t currently going to school due to the pandemic, you can still put one with their lunch each day.  My kids love it when I leave lunch box notes for them.   It’s usually something like “have a great day” or “I love you so much”.  And sometimes a “to my favorite 2nd grader”.  Simple, I know.  But they love them.  But it’s Halloween so I need to step it up a notch!

Next week, I’m going to print out this fun Printable Halloween Joke Lunch Box Notes or Tags because I know they will love them.   But that is not all I’m going to do with them.   We bought some Halloween Pencils for them to give their classmates.  I’m going to print these out and punch a hole in them, then string some orange ribbon through them and tie it to the pencil.  The girls can write on the back of them so their friends know who it came from.  The kids will all get a kick out of these jokes.

To see the complete tags and print them out, head on over to My Sweet Sanity to get them.

Also, has these cute Doggie Bag Tags that can also be used for the kids!