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One of the fun parts of my job is I get to travel a few times a year.  Either to visit a company’s headquarters or to attend a conference.  It was a few years after I started blogging before I was invited anywhere or even attended a conference because no one knew who I was!  But the more I stuck around, the more people knew me and then I started getting invites, and had a reason to attend a conference.

Today I am heading to downtown Chicago for my annual trip to the BlogHer Conference.    I love going to this conference because I am able to meet face to face with brands and PR reps I’ve worked with, bloggers I’ve never met before and I also get to see old friends and make new ones.   When you spend so much time on the computer working with other people, it’s really nice to get to meet them face to face.

Plus one of my favorite people in Blog World, Ree Drummand is speaking at this conference.  I can’t wait to hear her!  I’ve met her before at BlogHer and have been reading her blog for years and years.  I’ve also made several of her recipes. If you don’t know who I’m talking about check out her blog at  She also has a cooking show on the cooking network.  She’s beautiful, a great writer and loves telling stories about her family.  And very entertaining stories.  So I’m really looking forward to hearing her speak.

This is my 4th year of BlogHer and every year it’s different.  This year it’s in Chicago which makes it almost an entirely different setting because the conference isn’t in the hotel I’m staying at, so it should be interesting getting around.  But it’s still in a warm place and while I love NYC, I happy to be somewhere this year that it’s not as muggy as the city is.

While I’m here I will be attending a few events within the conference and one of them is a luncheon put on by CVS/Pharmacy where we will learn more about learning some of the little things you can do to take care of your health and save more doing so.  I’m sure their Pharmacy Rewards program will be one of the things mentioned.  A few months ago they changed the program and now you have to enroll to be part of the new one.  But it’s super easy and when you are getting your prescription, they can do it for you as long as you have your card, and it takes seconds.

You do have to add each person in your household in order to receive credit for their prescriptions.   I enrolled myself earlier in the year and then last week I had to pick up a prescription for my daughter and added her to the account when I paid for it.   It took not even 2 minutes to do.  And each time you pick up a prescription you get 1 point and after 10 points you receive ExtraBucks.  It’s so simple!  You can also enroll online.  However, I’m looking forward to learning about the other ways to earn points while at the luncheon.  And of course I’ll share them with you!

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Disclosure: My trip to BlogHer was sponsored by CVS/Pharmacy.   My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.