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How about trying out a subscription to Hello Fresh to start off the New Year with some easy and delicious meals!  We LOVE Hello Fresh and the convenience of having everything you need to be delivered to your door for a gourmet meal.  We’ve even made some of the recipes on our own!  We have some favorites but love trying new things.  Each recipe comes with protein, starch, and veggie along with some seasonings.  You just need a few things from your pantry to create these meals – like salt, pepper, oil, etc.

Right now they have a great deal where you will get 16 free meals with your purchase + free shipping and 3 Surprise Gifts..  You can choose meals for 2 to 4 people and how many meals you want each week.  Then you can choose from a big list of meals so you get exactly what you will eat, or they will eat if you are buying this for someone else.  It’s easy to choose each week and if you want to skip a week you can.  And you can cancel at any time.  We are big fans of Hello Fresh and we’ve referred lots of friends as well.