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Picaboo Promotional Banner

First time customers can get a FREE Large Classic Photo Book from Picaboo which contains 20 pages!!!!  All you have to do is pay shipping of $8.99.   I think $8.99 for this book is a great deal.  Remember, photobooks make great gifts, especially for grandparents!

Here is how to get your FREE Photo Book:

  1. Click HERE if you are a new customer.
  2. Enter your email address on the first page.
  3. Download their software to make the book.  You have to download this in order to make your book. You can always delete it after you book is complete.  Norton told me it was safe.  It says it takes about 10 minutes to install but it was much quicker for me.
  4. It will then ask you to open an account.
  5. Then it will install all the themes, but it’s pretty quick.
  6. Now it’s time to create your book.  Choose create a book.  It’s very easy to use and walks you through the entire process.  The first 20 pages are FREE.  You can choose auto create and the computer will place your pictures for you or from scratch and you build it page by page.  I like the auto create, you can always move things around.
  7. Once your book is complete and exactly the way you like it click Buy This Book.
  8. The cost of one 20-page Large Classic, Classic Leather, or Classic Custom photo book (up to $39.99) will be deducted from your order total. If your book contains more than 20 pages, you will be charged for the additional pages.
  9. Enter coupon code that they gave you when you entered your email address in step #2 and it will deduct up to $39.99 off the price.  You will have to pay $8.99 for shipping.

That’s it!  This offer ends August 31st so while you do have some time left, I wouldn’t save this until the last minute if I was you!