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Sharing with those in need is something that is important to me and my family. It’s why I often suggest buying extras of something if it’s an extremely good deal. You can always share with those who are less fortunate – whether it’s animals, classrooms, or people who don’t have enough food to eat.

So often, we think about the homeless when we think about hunger. And while that’s a very real concern, there are all kinds of people who struggle. Some older Americans find themselves faced with making the choice to eat or buy medication.

I was just made aware of this “Drive to End Hunger” campaign. I think it’s great that people like Rachael Ray and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) are joining the AARP in this initiative. The more attention, the better.

Click here to see Rachael Ray’s PSA on the Drive to End Hunger.

You can get involved by donating financially, or volunteering your time. Click here to check out ways you can help in your area.  And as always, it’s easy to pick up a few extra of whatever you are stocking up on and donate to your local food bank.