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I asked my readers on Facebook to submit their coupon questions and I will answer them one by one.  This will help those of you struggling and hopefully help those of you just starting out.  I’m always here to answer questions and I’ll help in any way that I can!

How can I get FREE Product Coupons?

Everyone likes FREE stuff, right?  And while we can sometimes score free items when stacking coupons with sales and suck, it’s also nice to just get a coupon for a free product where no math is involved!  Free product coupons aren’t easy to come by but it is possible to get them from some companies.

Can you imagine how many people complain to companies about their products, every single day?  I’m sure they get lots of complaints – but how many compliments do you think they get?  Probably not as many.  Take a little time and write to the company of a product that you love and use regularly. Tell them what makes their product stand out from the rest, or just how much you like it and why.  Then ask them to put you on a mailing list for coupons.

Some companies will send you coupons and sometimes they are for a FREE product.  It’s just their way of saying thank you for enjoying our product.  So make a list of those products you truly love, share you love with the company and maybe it’ll score you a FREE product.

Want to try something really fun?  Save them all up to use in one shopping trip to really see your savings add up!  Of course, be careful not to let them expire.

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