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Do you have a daughter that was caught up in the Lalaloopsy craze last holiday season?  I remember right before the holidays my mother in law and I were talking and she asked if I had seen those silly looking dolls that she heard about on TV.  She said their were all the craze and it was impossible to get them because everyone had to have one at Christmas.  I asked her what they were called and she couldn’t remembered but thought it was something along the lines of Lala dolls.  I said “Yup the Lalaloopsy dolls”.  She was so happy I had heard of them and asked if I wanted her to try and find them for my girls.  I told her I all set and went into my hidden stash to show her the dolls.  She loved them, and so did the girls Christmas morning.  These dolls are different and unique and everyone wants them because of that.

Well they have some new dolls and new playsets that your girls are sure to love this fall or even this holiday season.  We received a box full of some of the new goodies and my girls eye’s just about popped out with excitement.

Here are some of the new items for the Fall of 2011 that have already hit stores….

New Characters

  • Marina Anchors – Sewn on Date: June 8th (World Ocean Day) – Marina Anchors was made from a sailor’s uniform. She’s super neat, and she always keeps everything ship shape. She also loves the ocean, even though she can’t swim. She has a pet whale.
  • Sahara Mirage – Sewn on Date: January 13th (Make Your Dream Come True Day) – Sahara Mirage was made from pieces of a real genie’s veil. She’s a real charmer, who’s scared of the dark, and always pops up when she’s least expected. She has a pet camel.
  • Misty Mysterious: Sewn On Date: March 24th (Houdini’s Birthday) – Misty Mysterious was made from a magician’s cape. She loves secrets and surprises, and she’s always got something up her sleeve. She has a pet Rabbit.

Product Price: starting at $24.99 each

How cute are they?? Oh my, we received Marina Anchors and she arrived right around the 4th of July and my youngest called her the 4th of July doll.  So cute!  But I absolutely love the outfit and the cute little whale.  This is my favorite one that we have, but of course I couldn’t claim her as my own.   When I read the discription to my daugther and told her that she couldn’t swim, she asked if she could take her in the pool and teach her.  lol

New Features

Lalaloopsy Silly HairThese Lalaloopsy have silly hair that bends every which way! Now you can style your Lalaloopsy doll’s hair and her pet’s tail too!
Product Features: Lalaloopsy  with wacky, wild hair that really bends; Hair allows you to curl, twist, and straighten; Includes fun hair styling brush, four clips and six hair beads; Endless silly styles; Pet has matching bendable tail.  Available with Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Jewel Sparkles.

Product Price: $34.99

What a neat idea to make the silly hair.  The dolls are already silly so why not add the silly hair to them!  Love it!  We received Jewels Sparkles and she came with some cute hair beads that the girls absolutely loved.  My girls are ‘girly girls’ and love putting things in their hair so they were excited to be able to style Jewel’s hair too.  And her cute cat has a tail that they can also play with.  I like to straighten the cats tail and make it really long.  Yes I have fun playing with these things too!

New Playsets

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse:

You can play and explore with your Mini Lalaloopsy dolls as they climb, swing, and pretend in their very own treehouse. This hangout includes lots of fun activities, two exclusive Lalaloopsy dolls, two pets, and lots of accessories! Product Features: Two Sided Mini Treehouse Playset; Tire swing slides across zip line; Includes elevator in tree trunk, wind- up basket, bridge and two hammocks for doll and pet; Club house is removable; Spinning look-out bucket with telescope; Real working whack-a-mole feature; Includes two exclusive dolls -Patch Treasurechest Spot Splattersplash – two pets and treehouse accessories.

Product Price: $39.99

My daughters love playsets and play with them all the time.  They were so excited when the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset arrived because it’s truly a ton of fun!  It looks fun just in the box.  There is so much to do and I was happy it came with two mini dolls otherwise I would of been going out to purchase another one because one just doesn’t work in this house.  The first time they played with it I stood outside the bedroom so they didn’t know I was there and listened to them play and I loved listening to their pretend play.

Bea’s School Bus

Now you can have the cuteness of the Lalaloopsy in the palm of your hand. Play and explore in the Mini Lalaloopsy world with this fun school bus! Includes silly slide and the wheels really roll!

Product Features: Mini Lalaloopsy school bus with rolling button wheels; School bus fits 6 Mini Lalaloopsy dolls; Includes exclusive Mini Lalaloopsy Bea Spells-A- Lot and her pet owl; Back door flips down to become a slide; Cone and school accessory; Swing out stop sign keeps the Mini Lalaloopsy safe.

Product Price: $16.99

The Mini Lalaloopsy Bea’s School Bus is also adorable.  It’s just big enough for them and I love that you can put up to 6 mini lalaloopy dolls in it.  Now we have 3 dolls so they can all go on an adventure together.  It’s made of nice durable plastic, awesome yellow color and colorful wheels too!  It’s absolutely adorable. And just so you know, the little pet shop animals fit in it too and often go for rides in the bus as well.  Hey they live in the neighborhood and they need to get around too!

Purchase Information: You can purchase them all where toys are sold and online at Amazon.


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