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CVS is my Go-To store for so many things including holiday shopping.  I’m not just talking gifts, but also home decor.  We moved in a new house this year so I wanted some new holiday decorations.  I picked up some garland for my stairs right after Thanksgiving and a few toys for the kids during their BOGO Toy sale!

The girls love all things music so we have lots of musical home decor items around the house.  These make great holiday gifts and as a matter of fact most of the ones we have were gifts from our aunt.  Each year she adds to our holiday decor items and whatever it is usually plays music.  So needless to say the girls love this musical tree (our Elf took a ride on it one day!)…

It turns and also lights up as it plays music.  There are a few different songs and it’s as easy as pressing a button.  It’s been quite popular in our house!  This would be a great gift for someone who enjoys holiday Decor or perhaps something you can pick up this weekend at CVS to help make your home more holidayish!

CVS/Pharmacy has a TON of things to decorate your home, including ornaments for the tree!   They sell variety packs of ornaments and all sorts of fun colors.  They also sell mini ornaments for the small tries or other holiday projects.  Since I love decorating my home so much, I find every little place I can find to put up a decoration, including the handles on the cabinets and our pan rack.   If I can hang something I will.  That is where those mini ornaments come in handy.

These ornaments from CVS/Pharmacy will make your tree and your home sparkle this holiday season!

Even the wine rack needed some decorations….