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I have another unique gift idea for 3-10 year olds that I want to share.  Especially because today it’s on sale!  Have you heard of Little Passports?  They’ve been around for a while and we love it!
Little Passports

Little Passports is having a sale starting today and you’ll save 30% off your subscription.  When my girls were younger, we had a subscription to Little Passports USA Edition and they loved it. Each month they would get a box and inside was a packet all about a state.  They loved learning about these states, especially the ones across the country.  We live in Rhode Island and learning about how much bigger other states were, fascinated them!  They are teens now and they love to explore and travel and I really believe they got that from Little Passports.

It’s changed a bit since we used to get these boxes and now you can get more than just State Boxes.  They have Countries (we did a few of those too!) but also Science (STEM) based learning boxes and Early Explorer boxes.

They make it pretty easy to send these as gifts.  You can either sign up month to month, for 6 months or for a year.  The longer the subscription the lower the monthly cost is.  But if you want to try them out, get it for a month and then see if you like it.  I think you will, especially if your little ones love learning about the world around them.

It’s free shipping, you can cancel anytime and your happiness is guaranteed.  Three things I love to hear.

Here are your options:

Science Expeditions
World Edition
Early Explorers
USA Edition

They don’t just have subscription boxes, they have other learning tools as well.

They also have a great referral program.  If you join, you can then share it with your friends and if they join, they save money and you make money! It’s a win/win for everyone!

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