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Last year we decided to sell our house and move closer to the city, family and my husband’s job.  We live in a small state but we lived in a part of the state that if you are from the city, you just never go that way.  So I didn’t see my family often,  I didn’t have my mom down the road from me to babysit last minute, or pick up the kids from school or to just have a cup of coffee with.  It was just too ‘out of the way’.

So last June we packed up everything and moved to a different part of the state.  In doing so we left the only home our girls had ever known and it was very hard for me.  I questioned myself over and over again if moving them was the right thing to do.  Our oldest was already in the school system and had friends, friends she made on her own for the first time.  She cried so many times when we talked about moving and I assured her she’d make new friends.

I was the one who wanted to move the most.  I knew living closer to family would be great.  I knew living closer to my husbands job would be great.  I knew moving into a neighborhood where we’d have neighbors would be good.  I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do but I was still scared it would turn out to be the wrong thing to do.  Especially when my little girl was so sad about this move.

The day we said goodbye to our old house she cried and cried.  She was so afraid she wouldn’t make new friends.  She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sleep in a strange house.  She was afraid she would now like her new school.  Her father and I kept reassuring her it was all going to be OK and she just needed to put her fears aside and enjoy the ‘adventure’ we were going on.

It’s just about a year later and she loves where we live.  She loves her new room, her new school and all her new friends.  And she loves being closer to her grandparents and other family members, and she especially loves that we live closer to daddy’s work because that means he’s home sooner at night.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because it goes along with the Allstate Good Life way of thinking.  Allstate’s “Good Hands for the Good Life” is new and different for an insurance company. It has a voice of optimism and celebration vs. fear. The Allstate brand commercial tells the story of how there are risks everywhere, but we as people don’t let it hold us back from making our lives good. Allstate is an insurance company who works everyday to help build more good in the lives of their customers.

Thinking about this reminds me of how scared we were to make such a big change but how it was such a Good Thing for us and I think it showed my daughter that sometimes you have to be brave to overcome the bad and most times if you are, it’ll be good!

Do you have any good life stories you can share? If so please leave them in the comments.  I’d love to hear about them!

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