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memory foam neck pillow

Today on Tanga you can get a Memory Foam Travel Pillow for only $5.99 each!  Plus the shipping is only $3.99 on these.  This is such a great deal and a must have if you travel.  I always have my pillow with me and we even use them for the kids when we travel in the car at night.    And it’s available in 9 colors.

Ever go on a long plane ride and have trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s because you’re not sleeping with the memory foam neck pillow. This memory foam pillow can do wonders for your neck, back and shoulders and here’s how: unlike other pillows, memory foam neck pillows conform to the curves and contours of your body while providing you with additional support for your head and neck in any sleep position. It’s not only comfort that you feel when you go to sleep, but comfort you can feel when you wake up.