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moacaLogoHave you seen the new show Men of a Certain Age on TNT starring Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond), Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street)? It’s about 3 friends as they navigate the changes and challenges of mid-life.

In a recent episode “The New Guy” Joe’s stuck hanging out with his bookie, Manfro, while Owen and Terry join Joe’s ex-wife at a charity event.

Joe is all-alone for the night. Though it’s nothing unusual, he is particularly uneasy because his ex-wife is off on a date at local school charity event that two of his best friends are attending. With nowhere to go, he called the only person that he has somewhat a relationship with (besides Terry and Owen), Manfro – his bookie. The rest are a blur of events that wraps up in three simple words “It’s a faith thing”.

As faith would reveal, Owen, stuck again between a rock and a hard place, ended-up giving Joe’s wife and his date a ride to the charity event that night. His willingness to go on for the ride scratched to a halt when Joe’s wife mentioned a trip with her date that occurred a year before (while still married to Joe!). A piece of information that Owen will never let slip by, he now faces the ugly truth of his best friends marriage. Outraged, he walked away.

Terry, who never seems to disappoint, kept on with his usual promiscuous self, entertaining and flirting his way through the charity event. Even when Owen revealed Joe’s wife’s infidelity, he was true to himself. Most would be self-righteous, but not Terry. He felt that it was justifiable, considering Joe’s “situation”.

Owen, unwilling to give-up and loyal as he has always been, stopped by the next day to see Joe. He confessed of his knowledge of Joe’s wife’s affair. However, contrary to what he was expecting, Joe was calm and collected. Joe explained of his shortcomings during his marriage, his illicit online affair with his ex-gf in high school, of which was the catalyst of the eventual “affair” of his wife and ultimately, their divorce.

Owen found himself saddened by this revelation, went home to his wife. “People are screwed up” he says. His wife, always supporting and loving, comforted him. “It will never be us, not now, not ever.”

You can call it faith or you can call it destiny. Nonetheless, we makes mistakes in the process, mistakes that eventually would lead us to where we suppose to be. There will be heartaches and disappointments, but in the end, we find ourselves closer to the truth, close to who we really are.

It sounds like a great series and Ray Romano has always been a favorite of mine.

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