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I managed to force an awkward metaphor about sports history in my earlier post and TV references in earlier posts, so let’s stick with that!  I love baseball caps from long-gone eras. (No, not the painter’s style caps from the 1970s.) I really don’t like those. Rather, I love caps from teams that frankly no longer exist such as the St. Louis Browns like this one.

Frankly, I know nothing about the St. Louis Browns. So why do I like this cap? Because it was likely worn in the entirely fictional world of one of my most beloved TV characters of all time: “Coach” Ernie Pantusso (Nicholas Colasanto) from the greatest television program of all time, Cheers! Before he was the lovable fatherly figure behind that iconic bar he was Sam “Mayday” Malone’s coach when Sam was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Prior to that, Coach Ernie Pantusso’s playing days were spent with the St. Louis Browns. I love this cap simply because I picture a young Ernie Pantusso wearing it playing baseball!

By the way, Minor League Baseball caps are also great gifts. Many of them are frankly funny, offbeat, and unique and a few are maybe a bit salty. A whole collection can be found here.

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