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Moving can be quite a delightful idea, especially for families who have been meaning to go to their dream house or a home they’ve been planning on acquiring or making. When you know your dream home is within your grasp, we can’t help but become excited! After all, there’s going to be a lot more fun times with the family! No more stressing out about buying a house, no more hassle with the documentation, and no more hassle with the other logistics involved with the move! Or is there? Thing is, if you’re moving to your new home with your family, there’s the actual move that you have to plan. As in, you have to sort and organize inventory, pack and unpack things, and actually transport them to your new home.

It sounds stressful, right? Well, not quite. Here are some fast tips for your family to have fun and stress-free move:

  • Secure important documentation, requirements very early on. When you decide to do your move, you need to make sure you secure relevant documentation and requirements early. This will help avoid stressful situations where you have to juggle your move and then deal with things like paying utilities and other fees. If possible, visit your local housing authority to check if you have other requirements that you need during your move – such as documents to submit, or clarifying licensure requirements so you can hire movers Manhattan NYC to help move your things.
  • Huddle the family and assign tasks for them to do. Another important thing to do during the move is to ensure that you meet with your family and assign things for them to do. This is important, as you can’t exactly do everything alone. You can have yourself and your partner, and even your eldest child (if they’re adults) to accompany you to your new neighborhood, to talk with important people in the community, and even to go to government offices. This helps acquaint them with the many parts of adult life. In the meantime, your kids can be assigned to help you with inventory or cleaning up.
  • Organize your inventory and belongings. When you assign tasks for everyone to do, start planning how to sort out your inventory. This might be a bit hassling to consider at first, as you have to take note of everything you own. However, having a handy reference for things you own and have can be a great way to let you know what exactly you own and what you want to do with them. Maybe you’re due for a garage sale, or you might have items you want to give to others. This is the perfect opportunity to sort out your belongings and remove what seems to be irrelevant to your needs.
  • Start packing your things early. Once you’ve done your family designations, start packing your things very early on. A lot of people might think we can do the “rush packing” strategy a few days before the move, but a lot of us don’t have any idea how stressful that can be. If possible, try to use your time off, your leaves or even your days off just to pack little by little. Trust us, a little packing goes a long way in the long run, as having boxes prepared to be transferred will leave very few things to pack for you. If you have kids and other members of the house, try to designate them to pack their own things, and unpack them in their designated rooms. This gives them a sense of responsibility for their belongings.
  • Hire professionals to help you with the move. One of the most important parts of your move is ensuring everything you own gets transported to your new home safely. And while we can indeed do this ourselves, it’s going to take a lot of our time and our resources to do so. Unfortunately, given our busy schedule as parents, we may not be able to do this ourselves. So, instead of suffering the headache involved with moving everything ourselves, maybe we can hire our best interstate moving companies to do the move for us. As professional movers, they’re able to help us carry and put our things and belongings into trucks specifically designed for moving. This means we’ll really just have to focus on the busier parts of the move.

Mom’s Moving Tips: Stress-Free Means Planning, Research

With the above tips in mind, it’s important for every mom to remember that making a stress-free move really has a lot to do with what you think can be the best approach to planning and researching your move. Just because you’re moving with the family doesn’t mean you’ll be stressed for the rest of the trip. In fact, if you plan for your move with your family and work on it together, you’ll likely find a lot of time to enjoy the moving process and even make your trip into a bonding experience. If you have other tips for families out there, feel free to share them below!