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Secret Stress Response canister

New Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response can help with Valentine’s Day

I’m a very busy person, busier than I ever imagined I’d be.  Between my family, the house, the blog and the holidays (even little days like Valentine’s Day are holidays for me on the blog!) stress is on the top of my list most weeks!  Besides what I do on the blog for Valentine’s Day, there is also the fact that I’m thinking about what I want to do for my husband and children to show them I love them – like the gift, what we’ll do for dinner as a family, making sure we all have red to wear; the list can go on.  Secret Deodorant even commissioned a study on women’s stresses with HealthyWomen* and found that whether personal or work related, running late was the most stressful scenario reported by women at almost 70%.

I totally believe that!  Every single day I walk out the door at the very last minute to get my kids to school.  Time escapes me every day!

An effect of all that stress, which you might not have realized is happening, is stress sweat – which actually smells worse than other causes of sweat! New Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response can help protect you from the odor and wetness that’s caused by stress sweat with its proprietary BCD technology: odor-neutralizing molecules that trap and neutralize odor, then replace it with a fresh scent to keep you smelling clean. This is critical for stress sweat, because unlike sweat caused by heat or physical activity, the odor from stress sweat is stronger so simply masking it with fragrance can make it smell worse.

Oprah’s Lifeclass Curriculum Contributor and Life Coach, Martha Beck, has some tips on how to best navigate February’s Valentine’s Day-related stress, so that you can keep the stress sweat to a minimum:

  • Valentine gift giving – Just getting a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart – the card, a stuffed animal, chocolates? – can be incredibly stressful.  Is your love offering enough?  Too much?  Not wanted? Is he really that into you?  Skip the gift-giving stress by just expressing what’s truly in your heart, without worrying about your beloved’s reaction.
  • Smell like a rose – The stress of dealing with romantic relationships fires up the kind of sweat – and odor – that can make you…less attractive.  No matter your Valentine’s Day plans, end it smelling like a rose, or Serene Citrus, by starting it with Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response.

So grab some Secret this week to help you get through to the weekend smelling nice!