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Novi Stars Dolls

Product Name: Novi Stars Dolls

Product Information:  Novi Stars™ is a new cosmic girls property combines outrageous, other-worldly adventure with cutting edge toy features never before seen in doll play.  Filled with rich relatable storylines and humorous character content, the Novi Stars™ are on a galactic mission to meet new friends, try new things, and find out what on Earth is going on?!

Novi Star Dolls: We’re the Novi Stars and we’ve arrived!  We’re here on Earth to try new things, update your fashion trends, and make new friends.  We can’t wait to find out what on Earth is going on!?! Each alien doll possesses its own unique personality and characteristics!

About the Dolls

Alie Letric has a translucent green body and lights up in multiple cosmic colors; the light-up body is activated by a push-button on her backpack; Glitter metallic eyes with a heart icon, heart-shaped antennas, and glitter eyelashes. Includes pet, glow-in-the-dark doll stand and package handle become wearable antenna headband for a child.

Una Verse has a body filled with floating glitter in water; she has white hair with blue streaks; Glitter eyes with planet icon, spiral antennas, and glitter eyelashes. Includes pet, glow-in-the-dark doll stand and package handle becomes antenna headband for a child.

Mae Tallick really talks! She has a robotic voice and says cosmic phrases; Voice is activated by a push-button on her ear; Mae Tallick is made of metalized body material; Multi-color eyes with icon, bow-shaped antennas and metallic eyelashes. Includes pet, glow-in-the-dark doll stand, and the handle is a wearable antenna for a child.

Who will love these?

For ages 6+ years

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Product Price: $19.99

My Thoughts:  We received an Alie Letric doll for our review.  My youngest loved it, especially her name Alie!  I have to say these dolls are pretty weird-looking – they are more alien-like than doll-like but nothing like my girls have so they loved it.

With these different dolls comes an entirely different line of thinking and the imagination just went wild with my girls, especially the younger ones.  She loved the headband that came with the package (it’s the handle!) and she wears it whenever she plays with the doll.  She told me it’s how the doll can talk to her!  LOL

Besides the big eyes, another alien feature is the glowing body – when you press the button on her backpack, her body glows!  No, I’m not kidding – it’s weird and not your normal barbie doll!   And she comes with a stand that you can put her in when not in use and that glows as well, but on its own, no button needed.  Seriously my daughters loved all these different things in this doll,  my husband just kept shaking his head, he couldn’t believe it.

On the back of the package, you can find the doll’s story including her ‘mission’, her favorite earth food, and activity along with what she wants to learn while on earth.  LOL, I’m not making this up!!  Alie Lectric wants to learn how not to blush around cute boys!

So the dolls may be on your list of what not to buy but I’d totally get them another one.  It forces them to use their imagination through play and I am all for that.

What do you think??

Disclosure: I received the same prize as the winner for review. My opinions are 100% mine.