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I’m so excited to share with you that I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger and I’ll be following the Nutrisystem program and sharing my weekly progress right here on the blog.

I just completed my 3rd week on Nutrisystem and I lost an additional 1 lb for a total of 12.3 lbs so far.  I’m so happy to have another pound gone and this week I plan on taking my measurements too.  I can see a difference in my clothes and that always motivates me to keep going.  I’ve done this so many times and if I average about a pound a week, I’m doing well.

Another thing that motivates me is how much better I feel by eating more veggies and less carbs.    I will admit the first 10 days I was very gassy and uncomfortable from all the veggies but now after 21 days it’s much better and my body isn’t in so much shock with all the good stuff I’m putting in it.  My daughters know that I must have at least 4 servings a veggies a day and they seem inspired by it.  Not that they are eating that many but I think they may be more inclined to eat more veggies as time goes on.  Veggies have always been lacking at our dinner table but they are seeing me do it and perhaps this is something they needed.  We shall see.

Last week I went to my doctor to see if my stress fracture has healed.  I was very happy when he showed me the healing on the x-ray.  I still have to wear the boot but I can start taking it off a little at a time.  He also told me that I can start taking walks around the neighborhood as long as I wear my boot.  Just no heavy impact exercise.  He also told me that riding a bike would be ideal because there is no stress on your feet when you do that.  So I’m thinking of getting a bike, but haven’t completely decided yet.  I want to make sure I will use it first before I spend that money.  But I know my girls would love it if we went bike riding together.  I’ll let you know what I decide.

Last week for Mother’s Day my husband asked me what I wanted to do since I am trying so hard to stay on plan.  I was told about this wonderful buffet at a local hotel so I decided to look up the menu and see what the options were.  I was looking to see if I could easily fit it into my diet or if it would be too tempting.  He was perfectly fine with grilling up some steaks for them and some veggies for me.  But the menu had plenty of items on it that I could fill up on so we went.    And there were plenty of options.  I had a huge salad first ( I love salad!), then I had some pork and chicken, a little of each and stayed within the guidelines of each along with some green beans.   Then instead of all the delicious looking desserts, I went for some fruit as my dessert.   It wasn’t super easy to pass by but I just told myself we can come back next year for Mother’s Day and perhaps by then, I can have a little but it’s too soon to do that now.  And I was perfectly content when we left and my husband was very proud of me.  Then when we got home he told me he felt really full because he ate too much and I didn’t, so I was very proud of myself!

I still have a long road ahead of me, and anyone who wants to join me can check in each Monday as I post my results.

Week 1 – 8.8 lbs
Week 2 – 2.5 lbs
Week 3 – 1 lb

Total Weight Loss – 12.3 lbs

Are you working on any weight-loss or health goals?  If so share them in the comments so we can all cheer you on!!

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