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Product Name: Mead Organizher Quick Reference Filer

Product Information: This portable organizer gives Mom the flexibility to organize paper by day of the week, person, task or any other category she needs. It includes 7 folders and Bungees to keep it closed.  There is a labeling system in front cover that you can line up with the tabs.  It measures 9.5”wide  x 13”high.

Product Price:  $8.99

My Thoughts: I love that Mead is trying to help busy moms stay organized and this system is very helpful!  To make my life easier, I can write my labels on the front cover and when I open up the folder, the label is lined up with the tab that I am looking for.  It makes searching for things much easier!  I am using mine to help organize may shopping for the week.  Each tab has a store name, then I file the coupons and my shopping list inside the folder for each store.  I keep the coupons in an envelope that I clipped inside each folder so they don’t fall out.  Then when I leave the house, I grab the folder which has my shopping list and my coupons!  I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and it really works well for me.

The Quick Reference Filer is good for more than just organizing my shopping.  I can see this as a very handy tool for a mom who has very busy children.  You can file all the important paperwork for each child, in their own tab.  You could also use it to sort bills as well.  I love how easy it is to organize the tabs and the bungees keep everything inside.

It’s a pretty cool product, you should check it out!


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