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Jen from Savoring The Thyme is back this week with more delicious frugal recipes that include items that may be on sale at your stores.   All these recipes are featured on her blog, and besides a few guests post – she makes them all herself!   Hope you like her choices and let me know if you make any of them!

This week she is focusing on something that is on sale a lot and even if it’s not, it’s pretty affordable – pasta!!.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Leal, Savor the Thyme

Every week, without fail, we have at least two nights that feature pasta as the main dish, however, that does not mean noodles and butter. Have some fun and toss in the miscellaneous vegetable bits hanging in the crisper drawer and a protein.

  • Sausage & Rigatoni: Busy, busy, busy….we all are super busy right now and need fast and easy dinner recipes right? Well, here you go! Use your favorite sausage or leftover chicken.

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Check back next week when Jen brings us more fun and easy frugal recipes to help you plan your shopping trip and keep within your budget!