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I’ve had a few people email me to see how things were going with all the flooding so I thought I’d post some pictures that we took yesterday of our neighborhood.

For any of you that have read about it, we live near the Pawcatuck River.  It runs through a lot of neighborhoods around us and causing a LOT of problems.  Many streets are flooded and closed, including ours, but further down the road.  We need to take a detour just to get to town.   The sad thing is the road is probably going to be a mess when the water drains out which means these roads are going to be shut down for a while.

This is my road.  I  couldn’t get any closer but all that darkness in back is water.  It’ goes from one side of the street to another.

People are still pumping water out of their houses.  It’s just a mess.  We were lucky.  About 2 years ago we installed  drain outside our house that brought the water to the back of our yard. We had been having a horrible time whenever it rained in the spring. Water was coming in through our garage, which is under our house and part of our basement, which is finished.  We lost our rug and haven’t replaced it yet until we know for sure the drain worked.  Well we found out this week that yes the drain does work and it no longer comes in the garage BUT it’s still under our house so it found its way in through cracks in the floor and the foundation.   In order to keep it contained so nothing was ruined, my husband and I spent 24 hours taking shifts with the wet vac filling it up and emptying it out all the while praying we didn’t lose electricity because had we then our sump pump would not work and our basement for sure would flood.

Another road washed out.  The business to the right is completely flooded.

This is the business that’s to the right of the above road.  They have tanks that are floating in the water.  That may turn into work for my husband.  He’ll be contacting them when it’s all drained to see if he can help, along with other businesses. (He’s an engineer)

Lots of people around us lost electricity and still don’t have any but we were lucky.  I told my husband it’s probably only because we’ve been there before so we were spared this time.

This house isn’t normally in the water.

My husband works near the other river, the Pawtuxet River and in order for him to get to work he has to cross over the river.  So a 30 minute ride yesterday took him 3 hours.  Today it was better since everyone knew to find other routes so he got to work in under an hour.  But part of 95 is shut down on both sides too.

This is one part of 95 that is washed out near the airport.

Our mall is flooded.  Who knows how long that will take to be repaired and re-opened.  There are so many people not just losing things in their homes, but also out of work with all the business that are being affected by this.

This is one side of the Warwick Mall.  All of the restaurants in the Food Court will need to be re-inspected by the state in order to open again.

This is the other side of the mall.  To the right of Sports Authority is Target.  🙁  So sad!

I never thought in my life I’d ever see anything like this.  It’s been 100 years since Rhode Island has seen this kind of flooding and back then there weren’t as many house and business so it’s even worse now.  Very sad.  But we will all get through it and little Rhode Island will recover over time.