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I used to be a Bounty girl.  It’s what I grew up with.  They are the only paper towels my father will use.  I noticed when I first moved out that I used all the same products that my parents used.  As did my husband, which caused some problems at first, but anyways.  When I became frugal I began trying other brands (and no name brands) of paper towels and found that though Bounty is good, there are others that will do, if the price is right.

One paper towel I never tried was VIVA® Towels.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe they were never on sale, or I didn’t have a coupon when they were on sale, I really don’t know. When I was contacted by a representative of Kimberly Clark and VIVA® Towels I was excited to try them out!

The first day my samples arrived I opened up a roll, right away.  I had heard about how cloth like they were but I needed to know right then and there.  You know what?  They really are cloth like.  As a matter of fact I immediately thought of lots of uses for these towels.  This was going to be fun!

After a few weeks of using only VIVA® Towels, I have to say I am sold on them.  They are great!  And I will be looking more often for coupons and sales.

Here is what I liked about them:

  • They are cloth like, really they are!  So soft!
  • I can use them to clean my kids faces (and noses when needed) and they won’t scratch them.
  • When wet, they held up really nicely.  I used them to wash down my counters and my table and they didn’t fall apart!
  • My husband liked them, that’s a plus! He’s not one for change and lets face it these were different than any other paper towel I’ve ever bought.
  • The rolls I received where the pick your size roll.  They lasted forever by only using 1 at a time.
  • I loved using them while cleaning my bathroom!  It was like using a cloth, but then I tossed it into the garbage.  Perfect!
  • We ran out of napkins, I riped off some VIVA® Towels, folded them and they were perfect napkins.  And they felt like cloth napkins with no washing involved.

As you can see they are very practical and I’ve enjoyed using them.  I almost feel like royalty having such nice paper towels in my house!

sunny andersonVIVA® Towels has teamed up with Sunny Anderson from the Food Network in a campaign called Get Closer To Your Food.

This campaign features Food Network’s, Sunny Anderson and shows her sophisticated, yet approachable hands-on cooking style. The unmatched softness of Viva® paper towels distinguishes them from other paper towels. Families are eating in more and are enjoying their time together due to the economy. It’s essential to have that perfect paper towel that’s good for preparing food and cleaning up the messy eating.

You can check out some of Sunny’s recipes here.

Do you use Viva® paper towels?  If so I’d love to hear what you think about them.  Also if you try any of Sunny’s recipes, let me know!

M80 sent me some Viva Towels for review on behalf of Kimberly Clark.  I received no other compensation for this post.  My words and my opinions are my own.