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Recipe RockRecipe Rock – Keeps your recipes off the counter-top

Here is another Fun Find for you!

I like to use paper recipes.  Call me old or old fashion, that’s fine!  I a hard time reading the recipe from my phone.  I have a system that works for me. I keep a binder in the kitchen with all my favorite recipes.  To avoid wrecking the paper recipe, I laminate it.  I also use the Recipe Rock that I got years ago for a review to keep it up off the counter, away from any messes.  It’s my go-to when making a recipe and it holds my recipe up and off the counter top and keeps it upright so I can read it!

About the Recipe Rock

This small 2” rock holds up to eight pages of printed recipes upright at the perfect viewing angle, preventing the pages from getting dirty.  Recipe Rock is perfect for recipes from the Internet and magazines. Even note-card recipes small enough to fit in a drawer or recipe box are kept in place with the Recipe Rock. All you have to do is just remove the metal ball from the magnetic rock, place the pages upright in front of the rock and replace the ball on the rock with the papers in between.

I use it so often, that I keep it on the counter.  I get a lot of questions about my recipe rock.  But once I show someone how it works, it’s purpose, they love it!  It’s also great for on your desk.  You can use it if you have a paper that you need to reference while at your computer.  Even while doing crafts!

We’ve been getting Hello Fresh for a while now and those recipes come on cards.  Every time I make a recipe I use my recipe rock to hold the recipe card.  It is a super handy trinket.  Check it out.

And if you are doing some Valentine’s Day baking, this could come in really handy!