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Red, White & Blue

For our 4th of July get togethers I love making these cute Red, White & Blue Jello Cups and they are always a huge hit – with the kids and adults!  We made everything ahead of time except for the whipped cream and then we assembled them right before we served them.  They were simple and really yummy.   You could ultimately use any colors for this but we did the Red and Blue Jello since it was the 4th of July.

Don’t they look so pretty all together!


We were trying to keep it low sugar or really carb free but she couldn’t find sugar-free blue jello.  I can’t remember the last time I had regular jello so when I got to the blue I noticed a big difference in taste but it was really good!  So what we made was more low sugar/carb since only one color had the sugar.  It was actually a nice combination and very refreshing for a hot day here in Rhode Island.

Here is the recipe:


Red-White-and-Blue-Jello-CupsRed, White & Blue Jello Cups


1 box of Red Jello (we used sugar-free jello)
1 box of Blue Jello (we couldn’t find sugar-free blue jello)
Whipping Cream or Heavy Cream or Cool Whip
Clear Plastic cups


Make both jello boxes according to the instructions on the box.  Mix whipping cream or heavy cream, vanilla, and one packet of Equal in the mixer with the beater attachment, or hand-held mixer works too. Whip until it’s whipped cream….but not too long or you’ll make butter!   If you want to skip the homemade whipped cream part you can buy it in a can.

Then layer the blue jello first, then whipped cream, then red jello, and then a scoop of whipped cream on top.  Serve immediately!



Later on we saw some fireworks right in our back yard, which was a nice treat.   The girls were so excited and love every minute of it!