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The holidays are slowly approaching us and that means many of you will be dishing out money for presents.  When it became all about the presents I have no idea but with the way the economy is finding that money isn’t going to be easy. has a few tips to help us find more money for the holidays… or really for anything.  Here is the first tip…

Tip #1 Lay Off the Starbucks = $160 savings over next few months

A tall coffee at Starbucks approaches $2.00. If you drink one of those every weekday, you’re spending $10 a week, $40 per month and roughly $520 per year. (And this is one of the cheapest items at Starbucks!)

If you absolutely need a caffeine fix every day, consider making your own coffee. After about $15 to buy the coffee maker and the filters, a bag of coffee only costs $8 and will keep you awake for weeks.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, see what other “daily luxuries” you may enjoy. Whether it’s micro-brewed beer, gourmet chocolates or a Ben & Jerry’s addiction, cutting back — or substituting a cheaper alternative — can easily buy a few gifts for the family.

I am guilty of this but my fix is Dunkin Donuts.  After reading this I thought about how much I spend.  I buy at least 1 small cup of dunkin donuts coffee every day and always something yummy to go along with it.  I spend at least $3.00 a day, $15.00 a week, $60 a month and roughly $720 a year.  OMG that’s crazy!! And to think I do this sometimes more than one time a day.  So from now until Christmas, if I cut out my daily Dunkin Donuts run I will save about $240.